MicrojobEngine version 1.0.2 with some small improvements in back-end & UX in front-end.

Unconfirmed email address can send dispute

When admin turns on email confirmation option in back-end, new users have to confirm their email address after signing up.

At first, for those who have not confirmed account, they are still able to order for a mJob but cannot send dispute over that order.

It is no longer the case as from this version, unconfirmed accounts can send dispute for an order.

Search bar, Order button available when scrolling down

Search bar in homepage

In homepage, when users keep scrolling down, the search bar will also scroll down, staying at the top of page, so that users can quickly make instant search without going up.

microjobengine update 1.0.2 - Search bar in homepage

mJob Title and Order button in detail page

In a mJob detail page, mJob Title and Order button still appear at the top when users approach page bottom.

microjobengine update 1.0.2 - mJob Title and Order button in detail page[New feature] Admin can decline order in Dashboard

When a user chooses to pay his mJob order in cash but delays the payment for too long, you, as an admin, have the right to decline that order in the back-end (Engine Settings → Microjob order). To decline an order, click on the red X sign on the right of that order and give user the reason for declining the order.

microjobengine update 1.0.2 - decline order

Upon declined, the order will not be displayed in the front-end but still can be found in the back-end with the “Draft” status, like this:

microjobengine update 1.0.2 - decline order

[New feature] URL slug editing

Another improvement in Dashboard is that you now could edit the URL slug for: Microjob Listing, Microjob Single, Microjob Category, and Tag. This can be done at Engine Settings → Settings → URL Slug.

microjobengine update 1.0.2 - URL slug editing

Improvement when posting, editing a mJob

Add extra service

When users click to fill in extra service field, the sample text will automatically disappear. And the $0 price is no longer accepted. Price for an extra service must be greater than $0.

Edit a job

When users edit a mJob and add new images, the system will automatically save these pictures, so that they won’t be lost in case users forgot to save new changes.

If you need further help, please contact us at support@enginethemes.com.


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