MicrojobEngine update

In MicrojobEngine 1.0.4, paused mJobs are not displayed in search result, customize bar, order detail are improved, & other improvements and bug fixes.

Paused mJob not shown in search result

The key takeaway from MicrojobEngine version 1.0.4 is of paused mJobs. When a seller pauses a mJob, it is shown neither in his public profile nor in search result. Only active mJob are displayed. 

Improvements in Customize bar, mail template, order detail, & user dashboard

More features in Customize bar

There are 3 more actions you can do in Customize bar:

  • Change site logo, site icon
  • Customize background images in main pages including homepage search, before-footer, and mJob-posting banner.
  • Change primary, header, footer colors.

MicrojobEngine update 1.0.4 - Customize bar

At the moment, the Widget is not available for editing in Customize bar. Please make change to the widgets as before in Appearance → Widget in back-end.

Price details in order information

When users open to see an order, total price and detailed price of each item are shown.

MicrojobEngine update 1.0.4 - price detail
For orders that were finished before this version, order details are also updated but extra service’s price displays the total amount instead of price of each item.

MicrojobEngine update 1.0.4 - price detail

Updated mail templates

  • [New] Seller will receive an email when buyer has accepted his order delivery.

MicrojobEngine update 1.0.4 - mail template

  • [Updated] “New order” email sent to the seller is more detailed and includes information about the admin commission fee.

MicrojobEngine update 1.0.4 - Mail template

“My orders” in Profile drop-down menu

Now users can go straight to see their Orders and Tasks in a click from the profile drop-down menu.
MicrojobEngine update 1.0.4 - profile dropdown menu

Currency icon in Withdrawal

Just a small change. The currency icon is changed to be more suitable for different currencies.

MicrojobEngine update 1.0.4 - Currency icon

Bug fixes in Firefox browser & message security

Time delivery &  Price in Firefox

The bug when inputting data in Time delivery and Extra service price fields is fixed. In Firefox browser, when user posts a mJob, only natural number (such as 1, 2, 3) is allowed in such fields.

Security for private message

Look at the link below. When the part of the link covered in blue is deleted, the remaining link will no longer show the list of all conversations on site as before. 404 error page is replaced instead.  

MicrojobEngine update 1.0.4 - Security for message list

View MicrojobEngine 1.0.4 Changelog.

For further support, please contact us via support@enginethemes.com.


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