In MicrojobEngine v1.0.5, time countdown is added, more features in conversation and dispute are upgraded as well

Improvements – Direct chat box, Order changelog, Time countdown

Better order focuses with Direct Chat Box in order detail page

In previous versions, when the buyer and seller wanted to chat with each other as the order was in progress, they had to go to “Contact me” to send messages.

In MicrojobEngine v1.0.5, buyer and seller can directly discuss anything about the order in the order detail page.

MicrojobEngine update 1.0.5 - direct chat box

The benefit of this feature is to help both buyer and seller have a place to solely focus on the information of a specific order. Imagine the seller B receives 3 separate orders from the buyer A at the same time. If there was only 1 chat box as before, A & B would have confusion when discussing with the orders. Thus, chatting about each order in separate chat boxes would bring about better information flow.

Show Changelog of user’s action

The changelog is shown as a part of the direct chat box.

This improvement shows the history of every “event” interacting between seller and buyer in order detail. It would be easier for admin when the dispute occurs. Moreover, either seller or buyer will find it more convenient to watch all activities and statuses of the order with the changelog.

MjE 1.0.5 - show changelogs

Time countdown for the order

One of the most important features in MicrojobEngine v1.0.5 is time countdown. From this version, once the seller clicks on “Start”, the time countdown feature will be activated. It begins to count down the “Expected Time of Delivery” when the seller “Start” working until she/he presses “Deliver” button.

MjE 1.0.5 - start

Seller clicks on “START” button to activate the time countdown

MjE 1.0.5 - countdown 1

The time countdown appears in order detail after the seller clicks on “START” button

 MjE 1.0.5 - finished

The time stopped when the seller delivered the order

In case, the time’s up and the seller hasn’t still delivered, a text announcement will appear “This order was expected to be delivered at XXX” (XXX is the end of time countdown).

MjE 1.0.5 - late

You can use this function as a factor to evaluate sellers’ performance. Moreover, it is a good resource to help you analyze and upgrade users in the future. On the other hand, sellers would have more motivation and responsibility to complete tasks on time when the time countdown is activated.

Dispute button redesigned

Look at the picture below, the START button is added and earns more focus than the “Dispute”.  

MjE 1.0.5 - start & dispute


When an order is disputed, you (the admin) have the right to access all information related to the order, including Changelog, Messages in the direct chat box, and Attached Files (if any).

MjE 1.0.5 - dispute

Auto finishing an order by Hour

In MicrojobEngine v1.0.3, auto finishing an order was added when a buyer has not marked “Finished” for the order after the delivery date. Realizing that time zones by country are different, we have improved this feature to calculate by hours in this version, instead of by days. The display is still in days but the system will count the time on the 24-hour basis.

Delete and restore an order are available

From now on, admin can delete and restore any order at any time. The deleted order will not appear in the task and order list of the seller and buyer. Conversely, if you restore one order, it will be available on the list. In these cases, the working fund in revenues is properly recalculated. Emails are sent to both buyer and seller as well.

New updates in conversation

In this version, the conversation in order detail has a few changes and improvements:

  • User’s name in conversation is displayed so that seller and buyer know whom he/she is talking to. See this picture below:

MjE 1.0.5 - conversation

  • A new tab of user public profile is opened when the user clicks on the avatar.
  • The color in admin’s message is changed from green to orange. This change is to differentiate messages between users and admin to get users’ notice.

Bug fixes – New order email & translation support

Seller receives new order email when buyer pays via PayPal & 2Checkout

Previously, when the buyer checked out via PayPal or 2Checkout, the email was not sent to the seller. In this version, this problem is fixed so that the email notifying new order will be sent to the seller.

Translation support

Some of you might have had problems since several words were not able to be translated into your own language. Thus, in this version, the text “Microjob Categories” is now available for translation. Check it in MicrojobEngine Demo.

In the back-end, go to Engine Settings > Settings > Language to make the translation in your own language.

View MicrojobEngine v1.0.5 Changelogs.

For further support, please contact us via support@enginethemes.com.


  • Jeffry Cheng
    May  18TH,  2016

    Great update. Looking forward to more greater updates Soon! Especially looking forward for integration with Paypal API.

    • Thao Le
      May  19TH,  2016

      Thanks a lot for your nice words. Please keep following us for new updates!

  • Chris
    May  25TH,  2016

    Great updates. Are you planning to release the price range per category set by admin and pricing of service set by the provider? such as explained in this post: http://forum.enginethemes.com/thread/individual-price-setup-by-category-and-revisions-for-each-job/

    Thanks so much

  • Chau
    May  28TH,  2016

    Hello Chris,

    Thank you for your kind words.

    Concerning this, there aren’t any plans to implement the mentioned feature as for now. However, we’ve already acknowledged this particular suggestion and we’ll make sure to keep you posted. Please keep following our blog for the latest update.


    • Chris
      Jun  08TH,  2016

      Thanks Chau,

      I am getting a lot of response in term of users visiting the site we have setup. The issue is that they are not willing to offer a service, for example web design / development for a small price.

      A web design will cost much more than a logo design or business card design for sure.

      Hence, this feature is a must to have in the next update:

      1) If you have a low price of $50 per order then I will accommodate providers who are looking for offer a logo / business card design service. At the same time I will be pushing away providers who want to offer web design / development / wordpress as an example with services starting from just $50.

      2) If i increase the price as to accommodate providers providing web design / development / wordpress, then I would be pushing off providers offering logo design / business card design / content writing ecc.

      There’s no way to accommodate both unless, as common sense states: you need to have flexible pricing.

      Fiverr, who is or was known for $5 services are already moving away from that concept. You can see different prices now from different providers and if your theme is aimed to be successful and up to latest standards then I believe you should strongly consider adding the feature as described here: http://forum.enginethemes.com/thread/individual-price-setup-by-category-and-revisions-for-each-job/

      Thanks again for your time and very looking forward for your next update. Do you have a timeframe for it?


  • Chau
    Jun  08TH,  2016

    Hello Chris,

    Thank you for writing in, and I appreciate your feedback on our product.

    I understand totally your concern here, our developer team has already noticed this suggestion and definitely put it for consideration for a later update.

    As for the timeframe for next update, the next update might be out and about in later this week. Please keep following our blog for latest news.


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