This week we released ClassifedEngine v1.3.1, the brand new Ad Map extension and updates for the previous ones: CE Custom Fields and CE eBay.

ClassifiedEngine v1.3.1

This new version supports the blog section. Should you want to communicate with your users via an official channel in your site, this is made for you.

Blog section - Classified Ad Software, WordPress classified ad theme ClassifiedEngine

Another update in this release is for the mobile version. You can now add menus to provide easier navigation for your users in smaller screens.

Menu on mobile version - Classified Ad Software, WordPress classified ad theme ClassifiedEngine

Change log

Bug #2168: Approved email notification every time an ad is updated
Bug #2193: Translating tool issue
Bug #2194: fix redirect loop issue when using CDN cache
Implement #2169: Revise text: You have selected: (Name of plan)
Implement #2179: Change the number format
Implement #2199: Blog section for ClassifiedEngine
Implement: Menu in mobile version

CE Ad Map v1.0

Chances are that you have already known about our similar Map extension for JobEngine. The feature now has been supported for ClassifiedEngine. After activating the extension, you’ll find the Ad Map widget in the WordPress Widgets settings. Simply dragging it to the top sidebar to see the interactive map in action.

Clicking on the zoom button at the left bottom corner of the map brings out the convenient modal.

Ad Map - Classified Ad Software, WordPress classified ad theme ClassifiedEngine

You can check out the new extension in our store now.

Extension update: CE Custom Fields v1.0.1 has been updated to the latest versions with a few bug fixes.

Change log

Bug #2165: Words with special characters are not displayed correctly
Bug #2172: Dont display fields with empty values
Bug #2173: Hide fields with empty inputs.
Implement #2157: Revise Text: See image attached
Implement #2202: Add the auto updater

Extension update: CE eBay v1.0.1 also provides a few important bug fixes when importing ads from eBay.



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