ClassifiedEngine version 1.8.2 (CE)

Social Login for Mobile Devices

Social network is growing days by days. In order to help you benefit the advantages of social networks, CE is now implemented social login function for mobile devices. Users can login to your site via their Facebook or Twitter accounts, which will help to increase the registration rates of your site.

social login

Adding “All Locations” option for “Locations” Category

Recently, our customers have mentioned that if they selected one location, it would only show ads for that location and they could not reset page to show all ads from all locations. From now, if you would like to reset the page to see ads from all locations, just click on “All Locations” option on the “Locations” Category.

all locations link

Adding “Search bar” into “Location” dropdown

Previously, whenever users want to search location-based advertisements, they can click on “All Locations” dropdown and choose a specific place. But to website which has many locations, it takes quite a while to scroll down and select one.

With this update, we added “Search bar” into “Location” dropdown. Once you type first letters of place name, the result will be shown up, then you can choose the place you want.

search bar

Auto Select Location

To all members on your site, whenever users create new ads, their location in their profiles will automatically be selected in “Post an Ad” section.

Auto Select Location

Bug Fixes

  • Fix “Approve” issue: At back-end Dashboard, when Admin approves 2 more ads at the same time, the approvement can not be carried out because the loading is stand still.
  • Fix “Text Format” issue when editing an advertisement: When users would like to edit ads, all the text formats of advertisement description were disable. This problem has gone now.
  • Fix “Changing Location” issue: We have fixed this issue for you. You now can edit location of your ads.
  • Fix “Search Button” issue: To Galaxy Note 3 and devices with smaller screen sizes, search button has been fixed to work normally if the website has a long category list.

CE Custom Field 2.0

Creating fields for each Category

In our last version of CE Custom Field, if Admin add new field, it would be shown up for all categories. Sometimes it is very convenient but sometimes, it is not.

We understand that for each Category, sometimes fields need to be different. And we also know that our customers have been waiting for this feature for a long time. That is why from now, you can create fields for different categories without any hassles.

Creating fields for each Category

  • Patrice Calligaris
    Dec  04TH,  2014

    Where to download Custom Field 2.0 ? cannot see it anywhere

    • An
      Dec  05TH,  2014


      Due to some misunderstanding between our team, there was some conflict in the update. The issue has gone now, you now can download the extension in your member area.

      Sorry for this inconvenience.


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