Both ForumEngine v1.2.2 and ClassifiedEngine v1.2 come with fine adjustments on several functions and fixes for some minor bugs. Read through our change log to see the tweaks and let us know if your issues have been fixed. Anything else to report or inquire? Visit our forum.

ForumEngine v1.2.2


– Hide user’s phone number and email address by default
Before this update, both information are displayed by default. That function is changed – we hide it this time and it’ll be the user’s choice to unhide these information.

– Set auto expand for sub-level comments
Enable/Disable this feature in the backend. Enabling this feature will automatically display first and second level comments when a user views a topic.

Auto expand for sub-level comments - Forum Software, WordPress Forum Theme ForumEngine

– Set thread’s update time to GMT hours

– Improved search function. Search URL was changed to /search-threads/search-term

– Created filter to allow changing the reply/thread/thread-category slug URL in child theme

– Added text domain for missing texts. When translating language files, some texts are not translatable because there were no text domains. Now they can be translated into any languages.


– Fixed bug on “Last reply by” in a thread
When the last reply on a thread is deleted, the user’s name shown in the “Last reply by” also gets updated.

– When infinite scroll is active, admin is unable to delete replies.

– Fixed theme’s responsive style

– Terms &Conditions generates a duplicate page each time a user accepts the usage terms.

 “Log in” message does not disappear and Browse button is un-clickable after registration.

ClassifiedEngine v1.2


– Register form in Login: When users click the Login button, the login dialogue now includes an option to register.

Registration form - Classified Ad Software, WordPress Classified Theme ClassifiedEngine

– On Categories page, automatically display second level sub-categories

– Revised text on package plan


– Category count error. When admin enables “Show post count” option in Category widget, the post count shows 0. The categories should now reflect the correct number of jobs assigned under it.

– Can’t scroll categories list on Post an Ad page

– Mobile: Unable to send seller a message

– Mobile: Navigation issue on iOS7. When clicking the cog icon, the filter dropdown quickly disappears.

  • Artyom
    Feb  17TH,  2014

    Aren’t you going to add blog function to ClassifeidEngine soon? How to upgrade the theme from previous to the next version? Thanks!

    • Anh Chau
      Feb  17TH,  2014

      Hi @Artyom,
      The blog feature will be covered in ClassifiedEngine v1.3, which is planned to release in the first week of March. With each update, you should receive notifications right in your dashboard if you entered the correct license key, which can be found in your member area.

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