JE Indeed v3.4.1

In JE Indeed v3.4, we accidentally made some mistakes. With the latest update this week, everything has been fixed:

– All API requirements are now covered properly.
– When users select a job in the Search Result, they will be sent directly to the Indeed landing page and the revenue is generated in your partner account.

Moreover, the Indeed jobs are now loaded directly from Indeed in each of your searches.

JE Indeed settings - Job Board Software, WordPress job board theme JobEngine

You can update the extension to this latest version right from your WordPress dashboard. If you didn’t receive any notification, please check if you had entered your license key in your JobEngine update settings yet. You can get this key by logging into your member area in EngineThemes.

JobEngine v2.8.5

In the old versions, the resumes were sorted by the date they were posted. Therefore, only those who signed up most recently would appear on the top.

With the new version of JobEngine, this rigid criteria is changed. The resumes are now sorted randomly.

  • Danny
    May  08TH,  2014

    Thank you for the random sorting!!!!

  • Creation
    May  08TH,  2014

    Just updated, but the update has affected my child theme. The landing page has now reverted back to the default job engine one, and not my companies one as was before the update.

  • jimlam
    May  09TH,  2014

    Pop up message appearing on my companies page since update

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