JE Custom Fields v2.0

This week’s releases point the focus on the Custom Fields extension for JobEngine.

In the previous versions of JE Custom Fields, you are able to add more fields for the job listings:

Custom job fields - job board software, WordPress job board theme JobEngine

Although this feature is a great addition for customers who have specific needs for their job board, we have received many requests to expand the ability of the extension to also cover the resume listings. With this release, we’re glad to announce that those requests have been fulfilled.

For the text and textarea fields, the extension work similarly to job fields. However, the case is a little bit different for the “multi-value” tags, drop down and checkbox fields. When adding fields with those types, a taxonomy or tag (for “multi-value text”) is automatically created in the Resumes section. We decided to implement the new fields this way for easier data filtering when needed in the future.

Instead of defining details for the custom fields right in the settings page (e.g. the options for a dropdown field), you’ll only needs to declare the type of the new field.

Resume fields - job board software, WordPress job board theme JobEngine

After adding the new custom field for resumes, visit the taxonomy page to specify the options and you’re good to go.

Dropdown field - job board software, WordPress job board theme JobEngine

With JobEngine v2.5.1, we also fixed a handful of bugs:

Bug #2019: Reset password not working
Bug #2092: 2checkout doesn’t have a secret key
Bug #2167: Child theme doesn’t override template-job.php
Bug #2181: fix https/http for jquery ui css
Bug #2186: Email field is not validated in Contact form for JE Resume.
Bug #2104: Revise text: End date is invalid.

  • peko
    Mar  06TH,  2014

    Nice update! But tell me when you will arrive with JE v2.6 and v3.0 update?

  • Alvin
    Mar  06TH,  2014

    great job!

  • Rob
    Mar  07TH,  2014

    Still comes up with pop up “error loading page” when hitting ‘apply for this job’ with this new update. Sigh. I’ve given up with this mobile verison now, I’m not patient enough like most of the folks on here. Developer, please check out for an “AMAZING” mobile version of a job site. I know jobengine is just a little theme, but this is what you should be aiming for on a mobile version. Sorry to moan and nag like an old woman, but this is 2014, If you cant do mobile stuff, then outsource the development to india
    lol. I’m
    deleting the mobile folder for now.

  • Psup
    Jul  05TH,  2014

    Using custom fields, Are you able to tag additional information on the jobs integrated from indeed. For example, can I import the jobs and then manually tag multiple categories to a job to provide more information?

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