We want to let you know that we’ve just updated our Terms of Service – the ones you accept to when you decide to use EngineThemes’ products.

A major change that you should notice is about the support & updates for your purchased products.

In our old terms, we stated that with each purchase, customers are able to receive our support and product updates during its lifetime. We also clarified that you only need to pay for major upgrades such as a total reconstruct or an implementation of a whole new section for the product. However, during all our products’ lifetimes, we have always provided those upgrades for free for our dear customers!

With the new terms, when you purchase a product, you will be able to download it, get product updates and our official support for an entire year since the day of purchase.

After a year, you will need to renew the license should you want to continue receiving updates and support. And you can do this with 50% off of the product’s original price.

For our existing customers, don’t panic. All your purchases have been granted a year of updates and support following this change. You don’t need to do anything in the matter.

You can read the full Terms of Service here.

  • Peter
    Aug  10TH,  2014

    Dear Engine Theme,

    I’d like to comment this change:

    1- You don’ have the right to ask that to people who already have paid for a theme, we didn’t paid for this but for lifetime support, changing this on your terms can be done to new customers but by law you can not request current customer to pay for updates.

    2- Making this change about updates you have to worry about your prices as your Job, Classified and Directory will be more expensive than all other theme in the market that are between $44-55.

    3- Don’t forget that other themes all offer the plugins when you make them as paid one.

    4- You should focus on customer request about option that other themes are offering for free and add to all your themes a contact page, a faq page and for your classified a real CE Field offering the same as your concurrent means per categories.

    5- Also about your support, no ticket system, this is missing.

    We like your themes because they look great but if you don’t offer what your concurrent offer out there you may lost lot of customer.

    I hope I will continue to use and promote your theme…

    Wish you all a wonderfull week,


    • An
      Aug  11TH,  2014

      Dear Peter,

      Thank you very much for your opinion.

      We’ll carefully discuss the policy again to make sure that it won’t effect cutomers rights. We’ll inform you guys again for further changes.

      Best regards,

  • Jorge
    Aug  10TH,  2014

    I agree with peter, this is not what we buy. And these changes are not fair.

  • reflex
    Aug  10TH,  2014

    I agree too with peter

  • Momo
    Aug  11TH,  2014

    Peter is right, by law you cannot do that and respect to your customers too.
    If you make a change like this it can only be valid for new customers.
    Customers trusted you until now, don’t make it change.

  • Ann
    Aug  11TH,  2014

    Agree with Peter, when I read the email I was surprised. Cause by law, when the OLD customers paid the products mean accept the Terms of Service. When you change it, I though many customer won’t happy and support for this and products also.

  • Ángel Romero
    Aug  12TH,  2014


    if you promise support and new features I think updates in ToS are good. A lot of users want utilise these products for professional use. 50% is a low cost if you work with these products. I don’t want buy a product that 6 months later is overdue.

    In past, I used Forum Engine for experiments with wordpress and practice PHP. Now, with the new ToS, I know I can use for professional related and I’ll install tonight last version. FE have some problems that I hope you can fix in a near future.

    I understand some users and their reasons, but a great product requires great support and support can’t be free forever.


  • Jim
    Aug  12TH,  2014

    Agree with Peter. When making my initial purchase your ongoing support was involved in my decision. I purchased with good faith and hope that you reconsider. Expressing both a legal and morale obligation to your existing customer base has potential to strengthen it. I have considered other purchases of themes and plugins from yourself thanks to the reliable service that has been offered – I have also recommended you to other developers. I appreciate that you may need to remodel the financial side of the business so that you can continue to invest and develop in a larger team and additional products but please don’t forget that as existing customers our own loyalty has helped you to reach that stage of development.

  • DaveTs
    Aug  14TH,  2014

    I’m pretty sure this isn’t legal at all. When i purchased FE i agreed the ToS, but these changes will make me reject it. If this is your last word about it i will be asking for a refund for fraudulent bussiness.


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