“Welcome” section

From now on, you can grab all the main information about updates right in your admin panel using the “Welcome” section. There are three information tabs in this section: What’s new?, About CE and Change log.

  • What’s new?: you can find news of new updated features in this tab.
  • About CE: Introduction of ClassifiedEngine and how it works.
  • Change log: latest changes of new versions and files.

ce what's new-ClassifiedEninge

“Featured Pointer” pop-up

After installing our themes, we understand that sometimes our customers have some difficulties in setting themes or using new features. Even we have not received many feedbacks like that but we think that we are responsible of bringing beloved customers more convenience on site. That is the reason why “Featured Pointer” pop-up was created to help you solve this predicament.

When you finish your installation, you are invited to join a visual tour. This tour will give you a hand on what features are in ClassifiedEngine and how to use/activate those features.

Click on “Begin Tour”, pop-ups will be shown up to start a visual introduction. And after the tour, you can also re-click on “Begin Tour” button to start it all over again.

ce feature point-ClassifiedEngine

The upcoming update

In the current update, only Admin can see and use “Featured Pointer” pop-up. For the upcoming update, your users also can use “Featured Pointer” and you as a Admin role can create “Featured Pointer” pop-up of your site. We promise to release this update in the nearest future. Please keep follwing our blog to see more.

Bug fixes

  • Fix “Email template responsive” issue: the templates now appear beautifully in both desktop and mobile versions.
  • Fix “Location order” issue: when user posts an ad, the location will show in correct order.
  • Fix “Mobile” issue: the bullets won’t disappear in mobile version anymore.
  • The template selected location in the search is stored in cache as the previous versions.
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    Dec  18TH,  2014

    Awesome, thanks for update

  • Guest
    Dec  18TH,  2014

    Good theme

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