As mentioned in our plan for June, we’ll keep updating the products with bug fixes and new features so that you will have a more stable site.

For this week, please check out DirectoryEngine version 1.8.8.

Update Font awesome

Recently, font awesome has updated some new icons. With DirectoryEngine version 1.8.8, you can easily access and get the latest ones for your site. If you don’t like the existing icons, simply click “Font awesome” then you will have hundreds of icons to choose.

font awesome-DirectoryEngine

Notification for users

In the previous versions, only admin can receive email notifications for new posts. Now you can decide which users will receive those notifications by adding their email addresses in the admin panel.

Disable automatic page creation

You can prevent the site from automatically creating new pages. As a result, you don’t have to spend time manage everything all over again.

de 1.8.8 - DirectoryEngine

Bug fixes

  • Search function now works at List users page
  • Admin now can save user roles in social settings. Also, you can login via Google Plus account now

  • Previously, if users click on a profile, they will see an error notification. It’s fixed now

  • You now can set the center in the map without trouble

  • Search system works well in mobile version

  • Users can’t insert HTML in the field location anymore

  • In the previous version, you can’t review the cases with 1/2 star. It’s fixed

  • After signup an account and active it, DirectoryEngine won’t send 2 emails anymore.

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