1. ClassifiedEngine version 1.7

ClassifiedEngine is once again upgraded with some small changes to enhance all the existing functions.

Supported with Revolution Slider

From now on, once you activate your ClassifiedEngine, you’ll easily find the Revolution Slider in the admin panel. Then you can use it to create your beautiful sliders and add them to the homepage top sidebar or any places in the theme. revolution - ClassifiedEngine

Enhance email notification system

With CE v1.7, whenever users complete their payment process. They’ll automatically receive an email including all the transaction information. This is not only a notification but also can be considered as an invoice of their businesses. invoice - ClassifiedEngine

Disable payment gateways

For those who want to let their users post ads for free, this option is made for you. Admins now can decide to enable the payment gateways or not. disable - ClassifiedEngine As a result, once admins disable the payment gateways, when users post an ad, they don’t have to go through the first step “Select the pricing plan”. post ad - ClassifiedEngine

Bugs fixes

– Update securities function et_retrieve_password.

– “Password reset link” is now clickable.

– Search function now works smoothly.

2. DirectoryEngine version 1.0.2

Together with CE’s new update, DirectoryEngine also releases its new version with more options. Users will have more choices when making their payments, besides the original ones, they now can use their 2CheckOut account to do their transactions. 2checkout - DirectoryEngine Of course, if you feel like it’s not necessary, you absolutely can disable this feature in your back-end. 2 checkout - DirectoryEngine Alongside with the new payment gateway, admins also have more options when choosing icons for categories. If they don’t like the existing icons, simply click “Font awesome” then they will have hundreds of icons to choose. icon - DirectoryEngine Moreover, admins can set up a maximum number of categories a place can be assigned to. maximum - DirectoryEngine Last but not least, a bunch of bugs have been also fixed:

– Fix “Unfeatured” option: this option now works smoothly.

– Fix some issue related to Firefox browser: now you can post new place without trouble as well as your featured places will be displayed at the top beautifully. Besides, you won’t encounter any obstacles when uploading your images in the front–end.

– Fix “displayed icon” issue: the mobile icon won’t appear if you don’t do the settings anymore.

– Fix “ insert date “ issue: the data is unified now, you won’t have to be confused anymore.

  • oscar romero
    Aug  14TH,  2014

    AWESOME, thanks guys!

  • Oreo
    Aug  17TH,  2014

    We are still waiting for this plugin to allow custom field by category !

  • Kevin Gentili Argandoña
    Aug  17TH,  2014

    Great stuff

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