Well, the first weekly update round has come!

If you have entered your license key in the “Updates” tab of your Settings panel, you should now see a notification to upgrade your site right in your website’s backend. Simply click the message to perform the action.

Should you have not entered the license key yet, please visit your account’s dashboard at https://www.enginethemes.com/member and copy the license key there to your website settings.

Please note that updating your JobEngine will overwrite all files of older version. So we advise you to keep a back-up of your current JobEngine before updating it should you consider using again the older version.


* Bug #106: Single job page doesn't match model design (On Job information, upper border doesn't have a shadow and lower border is invisible)
* Bug #109: Tab highlight on Employer's Dashboard is not changing
* Bug #111: Inconsistent uppercasing of Job status on Employer's Dashboard
* Bug #113: Style error on Dashboard
* Bug #117: Missing arrows on Login and Reject buttons
* Bug #118: 'Reject' button layout on live site doesn't match model design (arrow is missing)
* Implement #96: Feature that refreshes page automatically after changing a language
* Implement #98: Fix create currency form UI
* Implement #100: Add 'JobEngine Dashboard' link on admin bar
* Implement #101: Add 'Job Viewed' count
* Implement #102: Fix loading error on continuous click of enable/disable buttons in the backend settings page
* Implement #103: Feature to remember job seeker's information
* Implement #107: Feature to allow developer add a custom menu in JE's back-end with custom orders
* Implement #116: Set the map to World view when a company posts its first job

Let’s check out some improvements we made last week.

Added number of views in job page and company dashboard

Companies can now know how many times their job postings have been viewed:

In the job page

In the Dashboard:

Added direct link to the Engine Settings page in the WP admin bar

Now administrators can quickly access the JobEngine settings with a single click.

Added a warning screen for browsers lower than IE7

We do not support IE7 or the older versions. We think this makes sense and is the right thing to do to push the web forward.

We also keep optimizing the code in all our updates. These minor changes are not included in the changelog, but we think it’s always great to let you know.



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