We’re constantly updating JobEngine to provide an excellent user experience. But how does JobEngine team strive to achieve this? Simple. We do the basic addition and subtraction in Math. As necessary, we add features and delimit or subtract some functionality. In our last week’s to-do list, we did both.

We know that many of you have been used to the multi-filter function in Job Categories and Contract Types. And we hope you had gotten only the most out of that feature. Though it’s always great to filter jobs in as many categories and job types as we want, we chose to disable such functionality and opted to apply the single parameter for filters.

Job Filters  in JobEngine - Job Board Software, WordPress Job Board

Job Filters in JobEngine

Who would want to look for jobs both in Sales and Software Development? This not only saves job seekers a lot of clicks and unclicks; it also gives them a list of jobs that is not confusing due to mixed categories and contract types. Job seekers can choose one category and one contract type at a time, and can easily shift to another in the list without having to wait for long seconds to view the results. Results are loaded instantly whenever job seekers click to change a parameter.

Back to addition…

Who wouldn’t want to know his future employer and which company doesn’t want to tell everyone about itself? So we added “Company Information” box in employer’s dashboard. Employers may use this field to introduce their company to job seekers in a maximum 500-character description.

Company Information in JobEngine - Job Board Software, WordPress Job Board

Company information box

Other items we have in the change log include:

Change #164: Revise descriptions of Job Types, Job Categories, and Pending Jobs
Change #172: Revise email template for retrieving password
Change #173: Revise email template for successful password change
Change #176: Revise email template for successful registration
Change #177: Revise confirmation text for successful logout
Bug #170: [WP 3.5] Sample data for Job Categories and Job Types aren’t inserted when “insert sample data” is executed
Bug #171: Errors in Job Categories: 1) job count under a category isn’t updating, 2) list of jobs filtered using a category includes jobs of other categories
Bug #178: Mobile version: “Undefined variable” error appears when address is clicked
Bug #179: Incorrect display of Job Description in map view of a job page
Bug #180: Employers with deleted account are still able login
Feature #174: Added company information field
Feature #175: Disabled filter’s multi-function for category & job type


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  • InternshipKing.com
    Jan  16TH,  2013

    Great stuff! Keep on iterating! & keep the simplicity.

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