Flexible Options for Job Application and Payment Plans

Surely our Feature Requests panel is one useful avenue to hear what we’re lacking. Early this month, we have received feedbacks about providing more flexible options for job application and payment plans. Here are some excerpts:

“I think you should offer the ability for a client to buy a time limited subscription where they can post either unlimited or a specific number of jobs for a specific amount of time.”

“Allow the option to redirect to an external URL when the applicant hits Apply.”– Adrian McDonagh

“…You could also just put application instructions in a box where the company could put instructions (whether it’s email or go to a link, etc.). I guarantee if you make this change you will get a spike in sales – because people that know job boards know that this is a must have.”– J Smith

A significant volume of similar feedbacks reached our inbox and chat board, so we knew these features have to be launched in the latest possible version of JobEngine. So here comes JobEngine 1.0.6 with your much requested add-ons.

Multiple Ways to Send Job Application

With no other options available to receive applications from applicants before, employers might have felt we held them in chain (so they were asking freedom). With JobEngine’s revised job application scheme, we gladly say to employers – Ask your applicants to submit their applications the way you want it.

You read it right! Whether you want job seekers to submit their resume’s and needed documents through email, or redirect them to your application site, or ask them to go through a different process, JobEngine now provide all these options.

How To Apply in JobEngine - Job Board Software, WordPress Job Board

When posting a new job, select which option is the most suited and convenient for your company. Our new “How To Apply” field will show you these choices to tick:

– Allow job seekers to submit their cover letter and resume directly

Provide an email address and receive your applicants’ submissions directly in your inbox.

– Job seekers must follow the application steps below

Enter your application site or write your own instructions in the box to lead job seekers to your application process.

More Flexible Payment Plans

How about a payment package that will allow employers to post more than one job? For frequent employers, sending payments every time they post a job can be a hassle. So JobEngine modified its payment plans’ settings to let job board owners create flexible payment packages for its clients. Whether employers want a short or long-term subscription or just the “pay as you post a job” option, job boarders can offer a payment plan that is best suited for their needs.

Payment Plan  Settings in JobEngine - Job Board Software, WordPress Job Board

The improved feature now shows a field for “Number of Jobs” wherein an administrator can set how many jobs an employer can post under the plan.For instance,an admin created a plan that costs $100 for 5 featured jobs that’ll available on the site for a period of 60 days each.If an employer subscribe to this package, then he just have to pay one-time and post 5 jobs whenever he wants.Each job will be active on the site for 60 days regardless when it was posted.

Choosing Package Plan  in JobEngine - Job Board Software, WordPress Job Board

Just the same, job board owners can set the plans as Featured or Regular.

Other things we recently fixed include:

Bug #190: Missing languages
Bug #186: Revise: “application sent” confirmation text
Bug #184: Mobile version: Missing D on “Featured”
Bug #182: Mobile version: Tag span appears on confirmation email

We’d love to hear from you. Tell us in the “Comments” how these features improved your JobEngine experience. Thanks for sharing your time generously with us.


  • Phil
    Jan  22ND,  2013

    Great updates! You’re on the right track, team! Keep up the good work.

  • InternshipKing.com
    Jan  22ND,  2013

    HUGE. Love the updates. Keep rocking it.

    • Ben
      Jan  23RD,  2013

      I feel the same!!! Really like this new update. Check it out.

  • Iba Masood
    Jan  27TH,  2013

    Hey, just a suggestion for some further updates, how about resume database functionality, rather than just having PDF resumes? It’s really important for employers currently!

    • Khoa Lê Nguyễn Anh
      Jan  28TH,  2013

      Yes, sure, we will do this Iba.

  • Claude Gelinas
    Feb  01ST,  2013

    I’ve just installed 1.0.6 and can’t find the “more flexible payment plans” so I’ll just wait for the next update for these new options to kick in.

    Futhermore, I’d like to see a lot more complete templating being done widgetwise because simply adding AdSense ads in the current version of the template is kind of complicated as I have to delve in the “editor” to manually place the ad codes and then, I find out there are lots of different pages for lots of different things and placing AdSense ads everywhere is just very long.

    I’d go with widget areas for the header, the footer and all “sensible areas”… including a widget area for starting the job board… instead of having a “opps, no jobs found” message, there should be an easy way to display something much more appealing, like cool images and stuff. That kind of message DOESN’T help the job board develop.

    The script seems solid so it’s going to get better over time. I recommend the script but I can only hope it’ll be made better as comments like mine roll in.

    I’m trying to launch http://austinjob.com/ with this script…

    • Anh Chau
      Feb  02ND,  2013

      Thanks, Claude, for your suggestions. We will rethink a more logical sidebar and widget system in JobEngine. You’re right, adding a simple block should be easier and simpler.

      We listen to our customers’ feedback and always consider them carefully before applying any improvement. So you can rest assure that JobEngine will get better over time. 🙂

      • Claude Gelinas
        Feb  05TH,  2013

        Thanks for the reply!

        There absolutely needs to be a widget instead of the “Opps! Sorry, no jobs found” message. Just look at http://austinjob.com/ and look how unappealing that message looks like… that zone absolutely needs to be transformed into a widget so something much more relevant can be put there, instead.

        I can’t wait to see the next weekly update!

  • tedw22
    Feb  01ST,  2013

    Is there a weekly update coming today?

    • Anh Chau
      Feb  02ND,  2013

      Sorry Ted, but there won’t be any update this week. We’re working on issues that cannot be finished in a single week. 🙂

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