We’ve got news and heads-up for your JobEngine and one really important notice on this update. Just two minutes and you’re through reading this post. Well, roughly two minutes. It could be less or more – depends largely on your reading pace.

New Sidebars

In previous versions, JobEngine allotted two spots for the widgets, the Main Sidebar in the Home page and the Blog Sidebar. But there aren’t only 10 widgets available in WordPress, not to mention the ones we created. With just two locations for them, we realized this congests the two important pages when job boarders choose to include a number of widgets. Moreover, it gives job boarders not much leeway to strategically position the widgets and leave nothing significant unnoticed.

So JobEngine added three more strategic spots for your most needed widgets on the site.

In the Widgets panel in the backend, you’ll now see these five sidebars –

1. Main Sidebar

Drop widgets here to position them in the Home Page

2. Blog Sidebar

Drop widgets here to position them in the Blog page

3. Companies Sidebar

Drop widgets here to position them inCompanies page

4. Job Detail Sidebar

Drop widgets here to position them in the Job Post page

5. Company Sidebar

Drop widgets here to position them in the Company Profile page

Sidebars System in JobEngine - Job Board Software, WordPress Job Board

Play around the widgets and decide which ones should greet your customers in Home and Blog pages and which ones should tell the particulars of your site in the new sidebars.

What else are new and polished on the site? Take a look at this list:

Feature: Allow company to insert their website address without “http://”
Feature #205: More sidebars
Feature #206: Javascript countdown while redirecting to Job Detail’s page
Change #195: Revise confirmation text for “successful password changed”
Design #203: Add a tooltipon“enable/disable a schedule” icon in JE Indeed
Bug #193: Drag and Drop buttons overlap Job Categories and Contract Types
Bug #194: Edit tool on IE isn’t responding
Bug #198: “This field is required” notice on Job Description appears intermittently
Bug #200: All tabs in “Renew this Job” page are not responding. (IE)
Bug #202: + icon overlaps Save Schedule text
Bug #204: Design error in IE9: Gigantic icons
Bug #210: Incorrect display of company count in Companies page

New Extenstions Heads-up

As of this writing, we’re cooking two new extensions that will largely benefit job seekers and developers.

1. Job Alert extension: This will allow job seekers to subscribe to receive email notifications when new jobs matching their criteria are posted on the job board.

2. API extension: This will help developers integrate JobEngine with other services or develop their own plugins to expand JobEngine’s abilities.

Hopefully, we’ll have them ready in a couple weeks after the holiday vacation.

Holiday vacation? Yes, you read it right. It’s the important notice we’re talking about earlier on this post.

Lunar New Year Holiday

This sounds sweet for EngineThemes team but may rush in heavy sighs from you. Still, we have to let you know.

In light of the celebration of the Lunar New Year, our team is taking a holiday vacation from February 8 (that’s tomorrow) until February 17. Quite long, huh! (Now, we hear heavy sighs and see shoulders dropping.)

Don’t fret. We won’t leave you staring in nowhere trying to figure out what to do with your JobEngine when something undecipherable pops up.Our support staff will be opened to answer your queries.

But since not all our support staff will be at their desks during this period, it may take us a little longer than usual to get back at you. We’re asking for your utmost understanding on this matter.

We hope this post didn’t take so much of your time. 🙂


  • Hans Steup
    Feb  07TH,  2013

    Thank you for working hard on JE and “Happy Holidays” for the entire team. – Hans

    • Anh Chau
      Feb  09TH,  2013

      Thanks, Hans 🙂

    • Linh Doan
      Feb  10TH,  2013

      Thank for caring us Hans. Have a nice weekend.

  • Ted
    Feb  07TH,  2013

    Great updates! Love the frequency. Keep up the good work. Have a great vacation!

    • Anh Chau
      Feb  09TH,  2013

      Thanks, Ted! 🙂

  • Claude Gelinas
    Feb  07TH,  2013

    Thanks for the update and happy holidays!

    This is my immediate-come-to-mind wish-list, for your consideration:

    1_ Two more important widget areas: the header and the footer;

    2_ A resume-side, for the job seekers who want to establish a presence, in the site… and for employers who want to find them even more quickly, when they gain access to such a valuable pool to worker information;

    And from that point on, I’ll think of new features we need to make the script the finest on the market. I really believe JobEngine for WordPress has what it takes to redefine the segment. So keep up the development and shine on!

    • Anh Chau
      Feb  09TH,  2013

      Thanks for your kind feedback, Claude!
      In fact, the header & footer sidebars have been included in this week’s update before being removed until we complete our widget system in JobEngine.

      About the module for job seekers, we’re considering it for the next major upgrade of JobEngine. However, this won’t be for sure, since we still have lots of improvements to make for the current version.

      Have a nice weekend! 🙂

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