As we are making this “job seeker account” a real thing in JobEngine, this and the coming weeks’ updates won’t be much as you have always expected. There will be modifications in some features but not huge ones, and of course, those bugs that will be taken care of.

For JobEngine v1.1.3, we did four patches to correct some bugs:

1/ We had this issue that when you delete a job category and there are active jobs under it, those jobs are still active when you view it in Jobs or Home page. But the headache starts when you click the Edit button for those jobs – it simply doesn’t respond – and when you check the jobs’ status in the Dashboard, it shows Unpaid and needs to be renewed.

So as not to complicate things, JobEngine has provided an option to select a new job category where to move the jobs to. This works the same for deleting Job Types.

Also please note that if you wish to delete a parent job category, you will need to delete all its sub-categories first before it can be removed.

2/ Except for the authentication emails: registration, forgot password, and reset password, all other emails can be switched on and off. In any case you deem that confirmation emails won’t be necessary for employers to receive when you approve, reject, or archive their job post or when a new applicant has sent an application, you can disable the email templates from the Mailing in the backend.

Enable/Disable Mailing - JobEngine - Job Board Software, WordPress Job Board

Similarly, disabling the Get-a-Reminder email will hide that option from the Job Detail’s page. Hit Enable anytime you want to restore it.

3/ So that job seekers can take a peek of all kinds of jobs you got for them right when they open your site, we expanded the Job Categories’ list by default. They can toggle the sub-categories should they want to see only those that interest them.

4/ For the Internet Explorer 8 users, we fixed some unresponsive buttons and design issues.


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