Hang on! It won’t take too long and you’ll see what have tied our heads on. For now, here’s a handful of fixes for JobEngine’s version 1.1.4.

Feature #351: Display warning when there are expired jobs and provide a way for admins to archive them manually
Bug #353: Text field for Website Demonstration becomes unresponsive
Bug #365: Design error: Apply for this Job & Continue button in Post a Job
Bug #379: Company Logo: Display an error message if image size is too big
Bug #386: Image preview in backend is distorted
Bug #389: Language save button should be sticked at the top of the page
Bug #385: Smaller website logo should be kept in its real size & aligned in the middle vertically
Bug #380: Text goes beyond the line when job title is long
Bug #381: IE9: underscore is not visible in the text
Patch #382: Revise text: How to Apply in Edit-this-Job page



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