JobEngine v1.1.5 is now out, so make sure your job board gets the patches and fixes.

Patch #414: Update creation date when renewing a job
Patch #420: Revise text: JE rss, indeed, simplyhired
Bug #419: Jobs renewed with a featured plan are posted as normal jobs
Bug #407: Reject Text box does not pop out
Bug #405: Browser doesn’t refresh after editing and saving a job in Edit-this-Job page
Bug #444: Paypal – email is not deleted
Bug #445: Post-a-job page is stuck in step 2 when posting jobs with a free plan
Bug #421: “Changes saved” confirmation text does not appear in green bar

If you found any more annoying bugs playing around, you know well what to do. The comment section is just a scroll away!

And, oh! Does your job board have any JobEngine extensions? If it has, you shouldn’t miss the rest of this post. It’s not much of an update but enough to make you do a small task. We’re sorry for this small inconvenience (Well, we sometimes need a nudge to get things straight :).

Except for JE Indeed, all other six plugins got a fix on their auto updater. So this requires you to do this process again – download, upload, and activate the plugins or simply overwrite the plugin files – to receive auto updates right in your dashboard in the future.

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  • Hans Steup
    May  24TH,  2013

    Nobody’s perfect 😉 – You do a great job (board)

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