The year of the Goat is coming, to celebrate the upcoming holiday, we want to introduce new sibling in AppEngine family: AE PayPal Digital Goods.

Hopefully, they will be a great help for your business.

AE PayPal Digital Goods

AE PayPal Digital Goods offers an option to conveniently process PayPal payments right from your site. In the previous versions, when customer check out, they will be directed to a different page which requires them to log into their PayPal account.

Using AE PayPal Digital Goods, your users can directly make the payment via PayPal Express and won’t have to visit another site any more. As a result, you can serve your customers better and may improve your sales. According to PayPal’s website, the Express Checkout button “can increase sales by 14% on average and has conversion rates that are 23% higher than standard checkout”.

Moreover, there’s no hard work needed when setting up the feature, just insert the required information in the setting and it’ll be ready to use.

You can learn more about this extension following this link.

payapal - FreelanceEngine

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