FreelanceEngine – a WordPress project bidding theme.

“A freelancer is a person who is self–employed and is not committed to a particular employer long–term”. Together with the development of the Internet, work is no longer a place, the number of freelancers therefore is increasing days by days, and of course, this opens up a lot of opportunities for you to increase your income.

Have you ever heard about Freelancer, oDesk, Elance or 99Designs? Have you ever wanted to build your own freelance marketplace like that? The chance has come. In order to help you obtain your dream site, we’re excited to introduce a new EngineThemes product – FreelanceEngine, a WordPress project bidding theme.

FreelanceEngine is a WordPress app theme which provides you with a beautiful and professional platform to set up your freelance marketplace website. With the equipped features, you can build a site where any types of service can be offered.

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Let’s take a look at the main features.

Creative design with Page builder supported

“First impressions are lasting impressions”. Understanding this, we’ve always tried our best to catch user eyes in the first 3 seconds.

Right in the first look, the theme’s header is not just some passive “hero image”. Instead, you can include a background video to put life into your site. Simply leave a trendy & professional impress on your visitors!


For the menu, different from normal menus you usually see, we support a full screen menu giving your users a complete new experience navigating the site. Much more focus!


In addition, just like our recent products, FreelanceEngine also includes a premium page builder for more customizability. Staying away from complicated processes, you can save tons of time building up your site, right in the front-end.
All you need to do is dragging the content blocks to the position you want and order them properly. With this release, we support six different blocks for you to build up the most suitable structure for your site. Put together any custom pages you need easily.

visual composer-FreelanceEngine

 Monetize your site right away

With FreelanceEngine, you can create different payment plans charging employers to post their projects as well as featuring them. Using this way, you can generate revenue from your freelance marketplace. However, you can still create free plans to increase your site’s traffic. Even better, you can limit the times an employer can use free plans to post projects.


Besides, FreelanceEngine supports the most popular payment gateways such as PayPal, 2CheckOut, and also by manual bank transfer, making it easier for your users to complete transactions and for you to collect your earnings.

payment plans-FreelanceEngine

Optimize on-site user experience

We help you experience simplicity creating the site and make sure you can also share this experience for those who are using your site. Right from the first steps, especially with the “Switch” button, users can quickly sign up according to their need, no more confused process needed. After having successfully registerred, users can experience all features of the site.


For the employers, we offer “Post a project” option with tons of great options such as project title, budget, needed skills, category and description. They can specify all qualities they expect from the freelancers.

post a project-FreelanceEngine

For the freelancers, they can access to the member areas to build up their professional profiles. All needed details are offered. They can insert their personal information, their hourly rate as well as adding their portfolios.

edit profile-FreelanceEngine

Besides, users can use the focus search to find their suitable partners. Simply insert the keyword and the system will give all detailed results including project title, posted date, budget…


Project bidding and user interaction

The main mission of FreelanceEngine is to become the link connecting employers and freelancers. Therefore, you can enjoy the power of communication using the contact system. Once a freelancer feel interested in a project, he can “bid” for it. 



Contrarily, an employer can “invite” a freelancer to bid for his project. And they can use the contact form to send each other private messages afterwards.


Moreover, the Email notifications system also helps admins, employers as well as freelancers keep up with the activities in the site. Of course, they can change the email content based on their needs.

And much more….

All above are just the tip of the iceberg, you can visit our demo site to directly experience all other great features.

What’s next?

With this early release of FreelanceEngine, there are still some features we haven’t covered yet and will be continuously updated during the next few weeks. To prevent you from panic & doubt, we want to keep you updated with what we’re implementing for this great freelance marketplace theme:
Version 1.1: Include a dedicated Mobile version

Version 1.2:
– More pricing plans for freelancers
– Social login
– Notification system
Version 1.3: Escrow system

Special offer

Since this is a special occasion for us, we decide to host a little event for all our dear supporters. For the first introduction week, you can get a 10% discount when using the code “GIVEME10” to purchase FreelanceEngine.

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The event will end before Oct 11 so make sure you don’t miss this opportunity.
Finally, as usual, let us hear your voice. What do you think about this theme? What are your suggestions for the next updates? Share with us in the comment section below!

  • Peter
    Oct  03RD,  2014

    Where is mail with FreelanceEngine 15% discount?

    • Anh Chau
      Oct  03RD,  2014

      @Peter, the discount code should have been sent by now. Please try checking your inbox again. Thank you. 🙂

      • Peter
        Oct  03RD,  2014

        Just arrived. Thank you! 🙂

  • Justin
    Oct  03RD,  2014

    Very nice theme!!!

    • Anh Chau
      Oct  03RD,  2014

      Thanks for the encouragement, @Justin. 🙂

  • sagi
    Oct  04TH,  2014

    Looking Great!.
    What does the current package include ?
    Can i really use it to be up and running site ?
    What is the cost if i use the package and charge users ? 90$ or there are any extra costs for using it for real ?
    Are there any known bugs ?
    Can someone be registered as both freelance and employer ?
    How does the freelancer get his money ? by adding his paypal details during registration ?
    Is there a workroom ?
    How are the employer – freelancer specific job terms are being recorded ?
    Are there profiles also for employers?
    Are there ranking also for employers ?


    • An
      Oct  06TH,  2014

      Hi Sagi,

      Thanks for your interest in our product and sorry for our late reply.

      Here is the answers for your questions:

      1. The current package includes the desktop version with all the features as you can see in our sale page.

      2. Yes, you can use this to build your site up.

      3. We don’t really understand your question. With this theme, we don’t provide “extended license”, and you can’t resell our product under any circumstances. The price of the package includes updates and our official support for 12 months from the purchase date. You can check out our TOS here:

      4. About bugs, we’re still looking for feedback from the customers. If we find any bug, we’ll fix them right away.

      5. Users can’t register as both freelancer and employer. They have to choose: being a freelancer or an employer.

      6. Currently, we don’t control the transaction process. However, it’ll be implemented in the next versions.

      7. Currently, we haven’t supported this “workroom” function. We’ll consider more about this idea.

      8. Employers as well as freelancers can see the records in their profiles.

      9. As I mentioned above, employers also have their profiles.

      10. About the ranking system, employers also receive reviews from freelancers once their project’s completed.

      11. This is an example about how payment plan works.

      If I insert 10 in the “Price” section, 10 in “Availability” section, 10 in “Number of projects can post” section.

      Then if user choose this plan, he’ll have to pay 10$ then can post 10 projects in 10 days.

      You can check out our demo site to see how the theme works.

      – Admin panel:

      – Username: admindemo

      – Pass: admindemo

      Once again, thanks for your support.

  • Mike
    Oct  04TH,  2014

    Awesome! Another great work from you guys!!! Thanks for the constant effort you’ve been making. Keep it up!

  • Richard
    Oct  04TH,  2014

    Hey I just purchased the theme. Feeling great till now! Would be great to see the mobile version ready soon, though.

  • pietro
    Oct  04TH,  2014


    do you plan to hide bidder, so that it can be seen just by the employer?


    • An
      Oct  06TH,  2014


      Thanks for your suggestion. We’ll inform our developers and consider more about this idea.

      Please keep supporting us in the future ^^

  • David
    Oct  30TH,  2014

    Is it possible to integrate phone call consultations and related scheduling into this theme? How would we do this?

  • Kroma
    Nov  10TH,  2014

    Hello, can you fix demo, for me it does not work?

    • An
      Nov  10TH,  2014


      Would you please give us more details about the problem? We’ve just visited the site and everything seems okay.

  • Ragul
    Feb  04TH,  2016

    Hai I am using this Freelance engine theme. When we click “Contact me” button it show the form but for me it must show some text instead of form so, how can i change the content of the “Contact Me” button.

    • an nguyen
      Feb  04TH,  2016


      Regarding this issue, would you mind moving to our forum and submit a ticket? We need further information to visit and check up the site.

      We know that it’ll be a little bit inconvenient but our technical supporters work mainly in forum. Moreover, the ticket system also keep your private information safe and you will be reached within 24 hours or a bit late at weekends.

      Thanks for your patience and sympathy.


  • inha
    Sep  28TH,  2016

    Hi..when l click to sign up..the page is syill wait ..and not return to main page or profile page…l think there is a problem in js for sign up…

  • Chau
    Sep  28TH,  2016

    Hello inha,

    Please feel free to send us ticket by choosing “Technical Problems?” section at with specific details of your mentioned problem. We will check and assist you in solving it.

    Best regards,

  • Joseph
    Apr  11TH,  2017

    Hi, how do I activate the “Contact me” button.
    Or do i need another plugin before I can use it?

    • Thao Le
      Apr  12TH,  2017

      Hi Joseph,

      Regarding your question, “Contact” button will be displayed when a seller submits a product for contact. Therefore, you don’t need to activate this button.

      On the other hand, if you want to change the text “Contact”, you can visit MarketEngine –> Settings –> Listing Types –> Contact to set up

      Hope it clarifies your concern.

      Best wishes,

  • Marcel
    May  08TH,  2017

    Great theme, considering to purchase, I just to ask questions. Do you have tutorials or videos on How to edit/change some parameters like adding new locations, new skills and category in the drop down? Thanks

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