FreelaneEngine version 1.5.3

Previously, there was some problems with customization feature in FreelanceEngine. The loading speed was slow and sometimes you couldn’t make changes for the theme.

The problem has been fixed in this version, theme color customization is updated and moved to front-end. You can set color right in the front-end without trouble now.

Moreover, FreelanceEngine is totally compatible with ET Mailing. You can start using it to track and manage email notification in your site.

freelanceengine 1.6

Bug fixes

  • In the previous version, if admin disable the “Payment gateways” and enable “Pending option”, users can’t publish their profile. The issue has been fixed now.
  • Fix “Update” feature: in the previous version, even when admin disabled the “Select Skill From Predefined List” from the backend, users still couldn’t enter their own skills. The bug has been fixed now.
  • Fix “Appearance” issue: all the broken buttons are fixed, they are appear beautifully now.

EstateEngine version 1.1

Together with FreelanceEngine version 1.5.3, the new release product – EstateEngine – is also updated.

EstateEngine is now totally compatible with AE Custom Fields as well as DE multirating, you can use the extensions to improve the features in your site. Moreover, some small changes are also applied in the theme so that it will work even better.

  • Sandro
    Jun  17TH,  2015

    I notice there is an update for Freelance engine, but there is no update showing in the dashboard?? Can you supply the update as per norm so we can update without using FTP?
    this should be clarified but weeks ago.

    • An
      Jun  18TH,  2015

      Hi Sandro,

      Recently, we’ve updated our forum so things is changed a little bit. You now can update it from the back-end now.

      If you have any problem while using the products, please feel free to submit a ticket in our forum:


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