March has been a super busy month for us since we decided to push all our effort to the limit. Although there were a few changes to our original release plan, we reached most of the targets and even add a few other updates along the way. Let’s go through the latest versions of the themes in this post.

JobEngine v2.8

Following version 2.7, which allows jobseekers to post and edit resume from their mobile devices, employers now can also submit their jobs from the small screens in this latest version. This is one of the most important features that we have implemented in our recent updates and also the one being requested most by our customers.

Other features included in this version are:
– New header menu
– User dashboard with job listings
– Apply for a job in the mobile version

The extensions

Coming along with JobEngine’s new updates are the payment extensions, which allows the payments to be made in mobile devices. Next week’s update will also make the release of the new JE Indeed extension. This one was a target we couldn’t reach in March.

ClassifiedEngine v1.4

There is a difference from this latest version and the expected ones in our March release plan. The seller review system and the “follow sellers” feature are not implemented yet and will be taken care of in a coming update.

However, instead of those features, the latest version of ClassifiedEngine allows sellers to post ads from their mobile devices, similar to JobEngine v2.8. This replacement happens due to the high number of requests from our customers in the forums. We have also received a lot of emails asking for this feature and thought that prioritizing it would be a more suitable decision at the moment.

The extensions

Since ClassifiedEngine now support ad posting from mobile devices, the payment extensions are also having a few updates coming to support payments in mobile. They should be ready tomorrow together with the ones for JobEngine.

ForumEngine v1.4.2

With our series of recent updates, ForumEngine has become more and more mature. While version 1.3 supported the much requested sticky threads, version 1.4 came with the “ban users” system and improvements for the frontend controls. In the latest version, we have added a new “related threads” widget together with a few important bug fixes.

FE Ideas v1.1

The new version of FE Ideas extension comes with some bug fixes and more privilege controls for the admins, such as setting a role to be able to change idea threads’ statuses.

The HotelEngine package

HotelEngine themes – Classy & Comfy

The hotel themes have been updated to be compatible with WPML, meaning that you can now create a multilingual hotel website using HotelEngine. We’re working on a detailed guideline for this process and would have it ready at the end of this week.

BookingEngine v1.1

Version 1.1 supports Stripe payment for the booking process. We’re now working on the most requested feature: “set price for different time ranges”. It would be ready in a couple weeks.

Conclusion & future plan

We have never been released as much updates as we did in March. This has been a busy month but a precious experience for us. Although sometimes there were errors in the releases, we have been trying our best to make things right as soon as we could.

The coming updates for all our themes will focus on maintaining the code base and improving the frontend UX on both desktop & mobile versions. We don’t want to risk the themes’ quality by releasing new features too fast, thus making it unstable. However, please don’t hesitate to suggest new ideas for us in the forums. We go through every single one of them.

  • Hans Steup
    Apr  07TH,  2014

    Great work, guys 🙂

    Discussing two features with the user base:

    1. Payed job-seeking ads instead of free resumes (forces the job seeker to update his profile)
    2. Separate price-plans for job categories (start to post a job by clicking on a category)

    What do you think, users of JobEngine?


    • Petr
      Apr  07TH,  2014

      Yes! These 2 things can makes JobEngine the best jobboard system! I want it too!

    • Jim Lamont
      Apr  07TH,  2014

      Great idea.

  • Mallick William
    Apr  07TH,  2014

    Dear ET Team,

    You again deserve big applaud, Thumbs up for continuous working new features.

    What is your plans for giving out some features to admin on mobile version. (e.g. Accepting/Rejecting Jobs, Resumes etc)

    One more thing which is important for novice like us is details of changes you have been telling us through blog is mssing from version 2.6 onwards. we appreciate if you can advise how to know the details of changes and how it can be handled. Please find some time for your blog posts about the changes done.

    One feature which is missing and is very important to grow our endeavor is to be able to invite people. Its like if somebody visits our site and wants to invite their friends through email, or social invites. I hope you understand I ma referring to Plugins likes “Invite Anyone” and “Social Invites”. I tried to installing and implementing with no success. So Please implement something like this within the core of Jobengine theme.

    Hopefully you will consider requests in future plans.


  • Linu
    Apr  19TH,  2014

    You guys need to maintain a proper change log, so we know what has been changed from different releases…

  • Jessica Green
    May  08TH,  2014

    Dear Anh,

    Most of us including myself are patiently anticipating the next round of updates for JobEngine.

    Some of the “most likely outcomes” that are perhaps eagerly awaited would be:

    a. the ability to make payments directly from an iPhone/ iPad
    b. the ability to attach PDF document by linking with Evernote/DropBox as part of job application process directly from an iPhone/ iPad
    c. the ability to use bold, italics, hyperlink and keep a watch on character count while composing job details directly from an iPhone/iPad
    d. the compliance of ‘terms & conditions’ as a hyperlink appear (as a checkbox) when a job is posted (or applied to) using an iPhone/iPad

    With regards to the mobile u/x In specific, we are hopeful that your team would come up with updates that makes the search function more robust or make it a whole lot easier to incorporate a world map icon or intelligently adding a bean counter (to display the number of jobs posted, jobs applied, companies listed, unique site visitors) and in general, we are all looking forward to see JobEngine evolve into a platform that makes a better way to incorporate third party plugins (mailchimp, freshbooks, capsule crm) to give more meaning to the data design.

    Many thanks,

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