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Build your simple but effective micro job marketplace with little effort

If you are looking to create your own micro job marketplace similar to Fiverr, TaskRabbit, PeoplePerHour which connects buyers in needs of a service and sellers who offer it, MicrojobEngine is an easy way to get started. It allows people to find suitable service providers, order a micro job, communicate and get tasks done quickly. Everything will become much easier than ever.

With the aim of helping you build a simple but effective micro job marketplace without any extra effort, MicrojobEngine gives you an all-in-one service platform crafted exactly for your purposes with remarkable values.

First of all, you don’t need to expend a big budget to hire developers or spend much time to acquire proficient knowledge of code and web programming. Thus, you can focus on your business rather than worry about how to build and make your site run safely and smoothly. Besides, our micro job theme is built in WordPress application including dashboard with full of items and options which helps you easily manage all actions in your own site.


Secondly, we focus more on UX optimized for conversion with the goal to provide a convenient and reliable marketplace platform. Within only 3 steps Browse – Buy – Done, buyers can choose a suitable provider to get things done. Moreover, buyers and sellers easily track the status of their each order by the interactive message inbox and dashboard. Hence, you can totally feel secure that your marketplace site will be trustful and reliable.

In addition, MicrojobEngine is currently using commission model which is one of the most popular business models of the online marketplace used by Esty, Uber, AirBnB, etc. In short, MicrojobEngine can definitely prove as the most suitable micro job marketplace theme for your business.

With these continuous efforts, we have just released MicrojobEngine 1.1 with some great features based on existing functionalities. 

Buyer can send a custom order to the seller

Custom Order feature permits the buyer to send a custom order to the seller with detailed requirements, sample files, budget, and time of delivery for a special mJob. When the seller receives this custom order, he will able to send an offer back or decline this order. In case the seller send an offer back, the buyer will review and decide to accept this one or not. If a buyer accepts this offer, the ordering workflow will be implemented as normal.

User can checkout by Credit

With credit payment method, all transactions made on your site are more safer and more convenient. User can use his credits in Available fund to post a micro job and pay for an order. Once your credit balance is enough for a purchase, the system will automatically offer an additional payment option by credits. To secure the safety of each transaction, user is required to input the security code for each payment.

Some gifts for you (available within 48 Hours Only)

To celebrate the new version of MicrojobEngine 1.1 and show deep gratitude for your support along our journey, we are really happy to have some gifts for you.

Just use coupon code MJE20 at checkout to get 20% off for MicrojobEngine theme.

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We hope you check it out, and feel free to contact us with any sort of suggestions, input, and questions.

  • M38
    Jul  21ST,  2016

    Amazing work you guys! when will you release the new version with custom price though?

    • Thao Le
      Jul  21ST,  2016

      Thanks a lot for your concern.

      I’m eager to announce you that MicrojobEngine v1.1.1 is going to be released tomorrow with the custom pricing feature included 🙂

      Kindly follow us for the latest updates!


  • Akmal
    Aug  25TH,  2016


    What is the difference between MicrojobEngine and FreelanceEngine?

    I really like your website very much!!

    • Chau
      Aug  25TH,  2016

      Hello Akmal,

      Thank you for your kind words, we greatly appreciate it.

      Per your question about the difference between the FreelanceEngine and the MicrojobEngine, the FrE theme is a WordPress project bidding theme and the MjE theme is more suitable for people who are looking to create their own micro job marketplace.

      In addition, you can visit this link below for a closer look at the FreelanceEngine introduction.

      Many thanks.

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