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A slug is a part of URL. For example, “job” is a slug of URL abc.com/job/customer-officer and “resume” is a slug of abc.com/resume/sam-smith. In order to change the slugs, JobEngine does have some filters for you to edit codes so it can define your website better, such as abc.com/position/customer-officer or abc.com/cv/sam-smith.

Sounds cool? Just a small trick will do the magic.

Adding these codes below to your child theme/functions.php file to make a slug change. In case you haven’t known how to activate child theme, check out here: http://support.enginethemes.com/customer/portal/articles/897324-how-to-get-and-use-child-theme-to-customize-your-site


function je_job_slug_filter($slug){

	// this is default slug
	//array('job_archive' => 'job', 'job' => 'job' , 'company' => 'company' , 'job_category' => 'cat' , 'job_type' => 'job-type') ;

	// change job slug from job to position.
	$slug['job'] = 'position';
	return $slug;

function je_resume_slug_filter($slug){

	// default slug
   // array( 'resume_archive' => 'resumes' ,  'resume' => 'resume' ,'skill' => 'skill' , 'available' => 'available' , 'resume_category' => 'resume-category') ;

	// change resume slug from resume to cv.
	$slug['resume'] = 'cv';
	return $slug;


After adding these codes, do not forget to go to Admin Dashboard/Settings/Permalinks and save your changes to help your system twig new slugs.

Now sit back, have a sip of hot chocolate and enjoy the work.
Happy holiday!

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