directoryengine tutorial 1

Hi guys,

It’s been a while since we last did a tutorial for DirectoryEngine users. Recently, we have received many constructive feedbacks for our multi-purpose directory listing theme, one of which is the display of sliding images on the top sidebar instead of the map. A slider demonstration is likely to give your directory website a more refreshing and enjoyable look than a map is.

This change is not as complicated as you may think but is quite simple in fact. Let us show you how to do it.

  • Firstly, you go to DashboardAppearance → Widgets.

Two left corners are all available widgets for you to choose to appear in the front-end. Two right corners are the list of sidebars, headers, and footers.

Click on “Top Fullwidth Sidebar”, which is the position you want to make change. There is a widget named “DE Map” under the sidebar. What you need to do now is simply dragging out the DE Map widget, and dragging in the Revolution Slider widget to replace DE Map (see image below).

directoryengine tutorial 2

After picking Revolution Slider for Top Fullwidth Sidebar, it looks like this:

directoryengine tutorial 3

Then clicking on the Revolution Slider shows the details of the feature. In “Choose Slider” part, there is a drop-down list so that you can choose your preferred set of sliders. How to set up these slider sets is shown in the next step.

directoryengine tutorial 4

And here is the result in the DirectoryEngine front-end:

directoryengine tutorial 5

  • Bonus for you if you want to choose photos for your sliders. Go to Dashboard → Revolution Slider → Revolution Slider.

directoryengine tutorial 6

There are multiple options you can do with sliders. You can create new slider, create new template slider, or import slider. In each slider, you can edit slides, export slider, delete, duplicate, preview, or go to its settings.

With only 2 quick steps, you are now able to design a beautiful and impressive slider for your directory WordPress theme.

Click here to make the change yourself in our DirectoryEngine live demo.

We are working to make more tutorials for you. Your comments are highly appreciated as we could have a better understanding of what you need in our products.

Thank you and have a great week!


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