Recently, There have been many FreelanceEngine owners asked us  How to make their profile be restricted? How to prevent non-logged in user from viewing details of the profile in FreelanceEngine? It means only those, who registered on FrE website can see the information of the employers and freelancers. Guests or Visitors can only view at homepage and can not view all the details of the profiles. This tutorial can help you modify that that feature.
To do this request, you have to customize the code a little bit.The profile’s code is in author.php file. You may copy this file to freelanceengine-child/folder then check code on this file and use the condition if (is_user_logged_in() ) {…} to check whether current user logged in,displayed information or hid the information from visitors/guests


if ( is_user_logged_in() ) {
   /// show information.
} else {
  echo 'You do not have permission to access this page';

What’s a simple tutorial! Just follow all the steps and you can make it happen.

Besides, if you have any problems while editing it, don’t hestitate to send a ticket via EngineThemes forum. Our technical support staff will help you solve your problem.

Thank you!

  • Mario
    Jan  26TH,  2016

    Hi there

    The instructions are not clear, I found 2 instances with: “Is_user_logged_in” Do I need to add a the code above after the first? or need to create another?
    Can you please explain a bit more

    below the two instances found in Author.PHP

    <a href="#" data-toggle="modal" class="invite-freelancer btn-sumary ” data-user=”post_author ?>”>

    <?php /*

    <a href="#" class=" fre-contact” data-user=”post_author ?>” data-user=”post_author ?>”>

    • an nguyen
      Jan  27TH,  2016


      Regarding this issue, would you mind moving to our forum and submit a ticket?

      We know that it’ll be a little bit inconvenient but our technical supporters work mainly in forum. Moreover, the ticket system also keep your private information safe and you will be reached within 24 hours or a bit late at weekends.

      Thanks for your patience and sympathy.


  • Matthew Taylor
    Nov  16TH,  2016

    Hi Guys,

    This should be a developer’s intuition that none-members of a website should not see info about project or private profile info about freelancer. If this info can seen by the public what good is the FreeLanceEngine theme? This is the crux of have a website and this is the weakest point of this theme. This should be an immediate fix.

    Dr. Taylor.

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