In an effort to provide better and faster support for our beloved customers. Alongside with the “Tutorials” page we’ve just created in our blog, we are happy to introduce another totally new section: Video Tutorials.

We understand that, videos are usually more effective than text. You can easily access the information and directly follow the instructions. We hope that it’ll be a great resource for you to manage and develop your business website.

For the very first post, we’d like to offer the basic yet essential video: How to install your FreelanceEngine.

Following this video, you will see a demonstration including the main steps to install and set up your site:

1. Upload the FreelanceEngine theme.
2. Import the sample data.
3. Create the menu.
4. Using the supported plugin: Revolution slider

Besides, you can also check out the full documentation with detailed instructions describing the video. And now, let take’s a look at it:

It’s always better when we’re together! If there is any video you think we should make, please don’t hesitate to contact us via our Forum Ideas.

    Dec  24TH,  2014

    Hi.. Thank you for the video! Question for you?? Can I use Bitcoin as a form of payment for freelancer’s to pay me for subscriptions and also.. can the Freelancer’s accept bitcoin for payment for there services?

    • An
      Dec  25TH,  2014


      Currently, we haven’t had any plan to use Bitcoin in our theme yet.

      Thanks for your interest in our product as well as your suggestion.


  • Rogy Silvido
    Dec  03RD,  2015

    Hello, is the FreelanceEngine Basic also has all the extensions and the sample data? Can you explain please what is inside the FreelanceEngine Basic. Thanks

    • an nguyen
      Dec  04TH,  2015


      We’ve answered you questions via email, please kindly check out your mail box.

      Thanks for your interest in our product.


  • Mohsin
    Nov  04TH,  2016

    Where can I get the sample data file?

  • Felix Gonzalez
    Feb  19TH,  2017

    I can’t install the Revolution Slider. I get an error. I also get an error when uploading the sample data. Any ideas on why the two errors?

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