Got a WordPress theme, but it is not yet your dream website? Still lots of work to do, but time is limited. The goal is to achieve the greatest results without spending too much time. Let EngineThemes cut the stress for you! We are now offering Customization Service that allows you to customize WordPress themes tailored to your expectations.


Our WordPress Customization Service includes:

  • Customize EngineThemes themes
  • Customize EngineThemes extensions
  • Customize WordPress website

Customize EngineThemes’ themes

For those customers, who have purchased our themes and would like customize them for your sites, this option is the one for you.

We can help you override the current template, modify your site interfaces, theme features or even complex codes.

Customize extensions

Need some customization on our extensions or any extensions which you are using, we will help you with that. Otherwise, we can customize a new extension based on your purpose.

Customize WordPress website

You are not our current customers, well that doesn’t mean you won’t be our customers. Even though your site is not using our themes, we can totally help you with customization work.

You may tell us what you need to change on your site or we will analyze your site deliberately and give you a consultation on what your site should improve.

What’s next?

EngineThemes’ WordPress Customization Service will be launched on April 8th, 2015. Sign up for notification here and receive an early bird discount. Please keep following our channels to update latest news. Stay tuned!

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