Meet Our MicrojobEngine Guys An N. - An Ambitious Designer

A week has passed. Today we will continue the series about MicrojobEngine team with another interview featuring An N. – MicrojobEngine designer.

Let’s see what he has to share with us about life of a designer.

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I pay attention to every small detail in MicrojobEngine and try to make it as “perfect” in as possible

Hi, tell us a bit about yourself, your name and your role in MicrojobEngine team?
Hi, I’m An Nguyen, designer at EngineThemes, specializing in MicrojobEngine.

Why MicrojobEngine?
I used to be a seller on Fiverr and quite like its business model of creating a great platform for talented freelancers. Joining EngineThemes, I’m responsible for UX/UI design of MicrojobEngine. Have to say that this is a good opportunity for me. I was immediately attracted to MicrojobEngine modern and flat design, well-functioning features, and positive customer feedbacks.

Share with us your tough times with MicrojobEngine.
It was the version 1.1.2. Back then, the plan was to redesign MicrojobEngine backend. A lot of obstacles at that time, I hadn’t 100% understood the product, hadn’t really connected with the whole team. As a result, almost all my designs got negative feedbacks from other members. But very luckily, as I dug deeper into the product, I gradually managed to beat the odds, creating better designs that match MicrojobEngine concept. So to be honest, I am happy with what I’m doing now.

Meet Our MicrojobEngine Guys 
An N. - An Ambitious Designer

How does your personality affect MicrojobEngine concept?
I’m quite easy-going, but when working, I’m totally different, an extreme perfectionist and detail oriented person. When designing any features in MicrojobEngine, I pay attention to every small detail and try to make it as “perfect” in user experience as possible.

On the other hand, I once experienced micro job platforms as a user and realized how important user interface (UI) design is. It triggers great inspiration that keeps me returning to those sites. I want to apply this same experience to MicrojobEngine.


MicrojobEngine success gives me a sense of achievement

You used to work as a designer in agencies. How is it different from working as an in-house designer?
A fun way to compare the two environments is: a long-term relationship vs. a one-night stand. Design agencies do short term projects. I make designs according to customers’ requirements and when a project is done, I move on to another project with another customer.

On the other hand, an in-house designer lives and breathes his company’s brand. This is way more complicated as it requires time and dedication to attain such depth of knowledge. So designing for MicrojobEngine was a real challenge for me but also a great chance to practice and improve critical thinking for the best product concept. We have MicrojobEngine roadmap for a year ahead, and to keep our promise, I keep learning, reading, researching, improving my skills to create the most ultimate user experience for customers. Of course, the first draft can never be a completed perfect design, but requires many edits, removing irrelevant elements and fixing the limits in the original version.

However, I don’t see it as a failure but the motivation to keep improving myself to be a better me. I prefer to work as an in-house designer because I love the feeling of contributing my idea in a product, developing it and seeing it grow. Very special! Watching MicrojobEngine grow feels like my own child is growing 😀 And MicrojobEngine success gives me a sense of achievement.

Meet Our MicrojobEngine Guys An N. - An Ambitious Designer

According to you, what are the key requirements to become a good in-house designer?
It all comes down to the ability to harmonize 3 factors: user demands, product core value, and business strategy of the company launching the product. It might sound simple but in fact it’s not. Moreover, it’s essential to be able to forecast the future of the product in at least the next 2 years based on market demand, product scale and company development plan.

I know that designer is a job requiring great creativity, so what do you usually come to as a source of inspiration for your work?
When I get stuck, I usually wander around design websites like Behance, Muzli, Dribbble to fuel the inspiration and learn how other designers solve the problem. Besides, I’ve collected many interesting and insightful design books to enhance and improve my skills. I was amazed to find out the difference in the way design experts think and analyze as compared to amateurs. It’s a huge gap.


Thank you MicrojobEngine customers, I am very happy to know MicrojobEngine is contributing to your success

Diplomat skin in version 1.1.4 is a cool idea. In the future, do you have plan to design more awesome skins for MicrojobEngine?
Of course yes if it’s a part of MicrojobEngine plan. I always want to refresh MicrojobEngine interface to make it even more impressive and professional.

Will there be any major changes in MicrojobEngine design in the future? If yes, which style will it follow?
Basically, MicrojobEngine new designs still inherit and develop the strengths in elegant colors, modern interface, and logical UX. Further improvements will focus on visual design and UX, as we want to make our users feel really convenient when using MicrojobEngine for their jobs.

What do you usually do in your free time?
Swimming, martial arts, and playing game Fifa 17. These games help me relax and recharge energy.

Meet Our MicrojobEngine Guys An N. - An Ambitious Designer

Describe yourself in 3 words.
Calm, patient, and ambitious.

MjE has grown to 1 year old. Must be a lot of mixed feelings. Can you share with us your thoughts, and say some words to MjE customers?
Dear MicrojobEngine customers, I want to send the dearest thank you to all of you. I am very happy to know MicrojobEngine is contributing to your success. Your support is the biggest motivation pushing us forwards and encouraging the whole team to innovate new features.

Thanks for sharing with us your MicrojobEngine story. Now we have a better understanding of the job of a designer, as well as the challenges designing the whole process of a product. MicrojobEngine success has an important part of your endless contribution.

Thank audience for reading until the end. We hope you enjoyed it. See you next Friday with the interview with Tuyen – our quality controller, the only girl in the team.

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