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From version 1.0.3, MicrojobEngine has updated the new User Revenue Report.
In this article, I will show you a quick guide to help you understand how the new report works and have a better management of your micro job site.

What is User Revenue Report?

For each successfully registered account on MicrojobEngine site, there is a section in Dashboard space called Revenue Report. It shows general stats of income and withdrawal. Some changes have been made in the report from version 1.0.3.

In version 1.0, the report included 4 main columns: Earnings, Withdrawal, Pending, and Available.

MicrojobEngine - Old revenue report

In the new report, Earnings is removed, Available is broken into 2 columns: Working and Available, and Withdrawal & Pending are kept the same. A Balance is added, which is the sum of Working, Available, and Pending.

MicrojobEngine - New revenue report

How to read the new Report? Why is it changed?

Let me go from the old report to the new one.

In the old report:

  • EARNINGS is the total income 
  • WITHDRAWAL – the money a user has withdrawn from the account
  • PENDING – the money requested for withdrawal and is waiting for admin approval
  • AVAILABLE – the money a user has earned after successfully finished orders plus the money for in-progress orders

In the new report: As you may notice, the difference lies in the first 2 columns.
The Available income is now separated into 2 tabs: WORKING and AVAILABLE.

  • WORKING is the money of in-progress orders
  • AVAILABLE is for finished ones. Money in Working amount is moved to Available only when the sellers have completed the orders.

MicrojobEngine - Revenue report explanation

The reason for this change is due to Withdrawal.

A user can only withdraw the money in Available column. So, with the old Available, a user can withdraw not only the amount of finished orders but also the money of orders he has not completed. Troubles would arise when there’s dispute on such orders but the seller has already withdrawn all the money. In case the buyer wins, you are left with no money to make the refund.

In order to prevent the seller from withdrawing money of in-progress orders, the WORKING column is created. And with the new AVAILABLE, you can be sure that your users can only withdraw the money they have really acquired from finished orders.

I hope with this improvement, you won’t go through any more headache processing withdrawal requests on your micro job website. If you want to discuss more about this change, just drop a comment and I’ll be happy to help!

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