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10 days ago, MicrojobEngine was released and set a new sales record. We’re so excited that you entrusted and chose MicrojobEngine to grow your business. Since then, we have received a lot of comments as well as ideas for our new micro job marketplace theme.

As a part of the release campaign, we’re happy to name the winners.

MicrojobEngine Pro Package:

Congrats to 10 customers for their quality reviews. You will have your MicrojobEngine theme upgraded to Pro Package (which includes all MicrojobEngine extensions) when it is ready.

Below are the short version of 10 quality reviews. Click on the customer name under each review for the full version. 

  1. As someone who runs a community for freelancers, building out a gig marketplace was on the roadmap of projects to build and offer our members, but to build a marketplace similar to Fiverr from scratch would require a massive investment of resources, money, and time. The result is incredible. A fully feature-rich theme. No, I wouldn’t even call it a theme, it’s more of a full-fledge platform that they have built layered on top of WordPress. You get the best of both worlds! The power of WordPress in the backend, and a beautiful gig market front-end with the theme….Overall, a great start to a very robust and unique theme that only the EngineThemes team could pull off!

Chad Fullerton

  1. It’s been a product I’ve asked for months ago and I’m glad that MicrojobEngine comes to life now! My main aim would be to be able to choose designers/developers who can offer the service so that clients will have top notch products.

Chris Zammit Dimech

  1. Thank you for your work, each of ENGINETHEMES template is awesome. All of them is self-sufficient powerful tool for anyone who want to start private online business. I am already can’t wait for versions 1.3.

 Artem Rudko

  1. Well done to the team at Enginethemes. I’ve been searching for something just like this for a while and when I first arrived on your site I couldn’t quite believe just what was packed into this MicroJobEngine theme. So much so that I’ve just purchased it 🙂

    …I’ve got to say that it does about 90% of what I want right out of the box. Not bad for an initial release!

Matt Fiore

  1. WOW WOW WOW! An absolutely fantastic theme! The template is absolutely clean and simple to navigate, easy on the eye and very appealing for anyone of any age to use! I am so happy that i will now be able to enable thousands of people to make an income or earn extra cash with this amazing template and i am very pleased to be apart of it and help it grow to new heights!

Adrian Benjamin

  1. MicrojobEngine is a great theme which provides accessibility for anyone who would like to venture into this industry…With MicrojobEngine theme, I am able to start a new project for my local market in order to promote healthy economic flow…Creating a new market for my local market. This theme is the best you could ask for.

Jeffry Cheng

  1. First of all, I love every single one of your themes…My company represents artists and needing to scale up online to have more of a presence I bought the Power Package, and am leaning heavily toward Freelance which is what i originally fell in love with. MicrojobEngine sounds so great I am super excited.

Emily Drew

  1. I want to discuss the opportunity for you to develop a Airbnb type Theme…You guys seem to be the perfect team to create something like this and I am sure it would be very successful. I for sure would be your first buyer, as I am looking to have this developed.

Miguel Gomes

  1. So excited! I have a big plan for this theme. Quick question –> will the site be able to send email notifications when a message is sent on MJE?

Jeff Dunn

  1. Awesome Theme, It will help me achieve my goal of reducing unemployment in my country. Thanks so much.

Kehinde Jolasun

One free extension + an interview & blog article dedicated to your website:

We have picked out 2 cool ideas for MicrojobEngine. Just let us know when your micro job website is ready for a dedicated interview 😉

  1. Chris Zammit Dimech (CZD) – Idea for Job workflow.
  2. Miguel – Idea for Must-have features for MicrojobEngine.

Congratulations to all the winners. Thank you for all your interest and support for MicrojobEngine.

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  • Chris
    May  27TH,  2016

    Super happy to be announced a winner 🙂 – When will the extensions be presented and when will the interview take please?


    • My Dang
      May  27TH,  2016

      Hi Chris,
      The extension is expected to be released in quarter 3 this year.
      If your site is ready to be in the spotlight, well then just make the interview straight away. Please inform us your site address and your email for further discussion.
      Thanks a lot!

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