***Attention: If you are using MicrojobEngine and intend to use SSL or HTTP/2 for your site, please note that you MUST backup database and disable the “Log Into Admin Panel” feature (Engine SettingsTheme OptionsLog Into Admin Panel) in advance.

SSL and HTTP/2: you’ve probably heard about these two terms before, but did you know that they are really significant for all WordPress sites? Before we talk about why it is necessary for your site, we’re thrilled to announce you that MicrojobEngine 1.3.2 now can run well with SSL and HTTP/2. So, you now can easily to install SSL and HTTP/2 in your service marketplace right now!

We hope our blog post will give you a complete knowledge about SSL and HTTP/2 as well as how it can benefit your WordPress site.

What is SSL & HTTP/2?

  • SSL (Secure Sockets Layer) is a standard of security technology, establishing an encrypted connection between the web server and the browser. SSL allows sensitive data such as contact information, credit card number, and login credentials to be securely transmitted. One of the most popular ways to enhance your WordPress site security is using an SSL certification to run your website over the HTTPS protocol.
  • HTTP/2 is the newest major version of the HyperText Transfer Protocol (HTTP). It’s a protocol – an open network protocol developed by Google, based on SPDY (pronounced speedy). HTTP/2 focuses on optimizing the flow of content between clients and servers, so the using of HTTP/2 will help you improve your site in page loading speed and responsiveness.

Why should you use SSL Certification & HTTP/2 for your site?

  • Security: An SSL certification will make your site more trustworthy. Visitors will be more secure when visiting a site whose URLs begins with “https://”. With SSL, everything is safe since the information is encrypted and stored securely. As a result, users won’t hesitate to sign up/ log in to your site and proceed the payment.

  • Speed up your site: Obviously, HTTP/2 is the latest update of the HTTP protocol and builds on the success of SPDY. Therefore, HTTP/2 provides a better user experience with its advancement in efficiency, security, and speed. Using HTTP/2 will help you improve the way browsers and servers communicate, allowing the information to be transferred in the fastest way. Multi requests are allowed at the same time, in the same connection.
  • SEO Optimization: Google says that setting up the SSL on your website is significant, giving websites a small ranking benefit. Google is planning to kill the HTTP protocol since links beginning with “http://” aren’t secured. So, if you want to optimize your site ranking on their search engine, you should consider using the SSL certification.

Here are what you should do before using SSL and HTTP/2

Before using SSL and HTTP/2 for your site which is running MicrojobEngine, you should consider the following points:

  • Backup your database in advance to avoid being lost all files and data when the nasty happens.
  • Set up the sample data as well as create required pages in advance.
  • Disable the “Log Into Admin Panel” feature (Engine SettingsTheme OptionsLog Into Admin Panel). This feature prevents users from hijacking …/wp-admin URL. Having SSL will protect your site so don’t worry of being hacked when you disable this option.

Final Thoughts

You are recommended to use SSL certification & HTTP/2 and install it in your service marketplace website if you don’t want hackers to access your data, especially data involved in the transaction and privacy information. Also, SSL & HTTP/s will bring a better user experience, making your WordPress site smooth, solid, and speedy.

If you have any questions about SSL certification and HTTP/2 working with MicrojobEngine, don’t hesitate to drop a comment below. We’re happy to help.


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