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Dear all,

We want to inform you that this program has come to an end. Thank you very much for joining it over the past few months.

In replace with this program, we want to introduce JobEngine’s totally new price and packages. In stead of $129, you now have to pay only $89 to obtain your WordPress job board. Moreover, you also have different packages with better discounts waiting.

Wait no more ! Take a look at it and grab your best offer !

The old program’s details

You may have known about the 70% discount program we ran on WPMayor a couple of weeks ago. Yes, it ended already. But here’s the good news – we’re making the offer an official deal in EngineThemes now!

Let us clarify the whole idea a little bit…

We’ve heard not just a few job board operators complained about having purchased a job board that falls short of their much needed features and controls. We can’t blame them – after all that they had invested and gone through.

Building your own job board website is indeed damn exhausting!

Foremost, it costs a significant amount of money. This isn’t only about the “one-time” payment you spent when purchasing the software. You will also need to invest much of your precious time working with the software to realize if it matches your needs or not. And time, as we all know, is money.

On the way building your job board, you may find things not as smooth as you expected in the beginning. You may need more features, or you may want to customize the appearance to make it more beautiful and unique. In a worst situation, you may even get stuck with the software and start to feel frustrated.

Nonetheless, you still try to live with it, put on more efforts to get your project up and running no matter what since it was the best shot you would have had after surfing through a long list of “recommended” job board software.

But it would be an ultimate disappointment if your project still got to nowhere after all those efforts!

We sympathize for all your frustrations. You’ve invested your money and spent lots of valuable time working on your project. You deserve a better result than that.

Let EngineThemes helps you out! Try our JobEngine with 70% off the price! Save your money and look at this as your new chance to build a better job board site!

JobEngine 70% discount - Job Board Software, WordPress Job Board

There’s even more to this great discount. If for any reason you’re not satisfied with JobEngine, we’ll happily give you a full refund within 14 days of purchase. No question asked. No risk. No pain.

To get the 70% discount code, you need to complete the 2 below steps

1/ Follow us on Twitter and tweet about our program.

2/ Send us an email from the job website domain that you own, e.g: admin@my-job-board.com. Send the email to contact@enginethemes.com.

In your email, please include the following information:

– Subject: “Request a 70% discount code”
– Your name and your Twitter link
– Which job board software you’re using and the URL of your current job board
– What major difficulties did you have in using your current job board software?
– What do you expect from JobEngine?

We will manually check your request and send back the discount code once we confirmed your request’s validity.

Please note that using a free job board software won’t get you the discount code. We only give out this offer to job board owners who have wasted a lot of investments (i.e. time and money) but still not having a deserving result. EngineThemes reserves the right to decide if your request is accepted or declined.

Are you currently a job board owner and want to try JobEngine out? Send us an email!


  • Pete
    Jan  19TH,  2013

    Wow, your job board looks nice!! Great job, team!

  • Khoa Lê Nguyễn Anh
    Jan  20TH,  2013

    Yes, we knew Pete haha. That’s why we have this promotion! We believe that Job Board Owners will fall in love with JobEngine!

  • raul
    Feb  21ST,  2013

    Hi, I want to know if there is also discount for the people that want to create their first job board site? I want to purchase this great theme however seems that the coupons that i found on the web are expired.

    • Michael
      Mar  01ST,  2013

      I second this request and I just sent a message through your contact form. *crossing my fingers*

      • Anh Chau
        Mar  04TH,  2013

        Hi Michael, there may have been some unexpected errors in our contact form. Would you mind sending your request again to support@enginethemes.com? It would be processed within a few hours. We’re sorry for the inconvenience.

  • Jeff
    Jun  20TH,  2013

    Is this deal still available? ANH.

    • Anh Chau
      Jun  20TH,  2013

      Sure, Jeff. The deal has been made our official program. Please make sure your case matches all the requirements before sending the request, though. 🙂

      • Jeff
        Jun  20TH,  2013

        Thank you for the fast response Anh, however I’m not sure whether or not if I’m eligible for the promo if I’m starting out a new board? but sure, I will follow you on twitter! Kindly await for your response again!

  • Hoianddoei
    Jun  27TH,  2013

    Nice deal! I’ve sended you a mail to get part of this promotion! Hope it’s still available, want to get rid of my old jobboard!

  • Gastón Gordon
    Sep  16TH,  2013

    Just sent you a request to remake http://www.castingsonline.com.ar with your excellent theme and the power of WordPress 🙂

  • smutny skull
    Sep  24TH,  2013

    Hi guys, I twitted and sent you an e-mail in june(sic!), but haven’t received any answer yet. Let me know how can I contact you regarding this promo. Thanks in advance

    • Anh Chau
      Sep  25TH,  2013

      Hello, could you please forward us that email to support@enginethemes.com again?

      • smutny skull
        Feb  22ND,  2014

        I have just resent an e-mail with all the information from another e-mail account, hope that this one reaches your inbox

  • Jopall
    Dec  01ST,  2013

    Hi, is the 70% discount also valid for extensions or for JE theme only?

    • Anh Chau
      Dec  01ST,  2013

      Hi Joball, the discount is only for the JobEngine theme. 🙂

  • Jobs
    Dec  23RD,  2013

    Is this offer still valid? Regards

    • Anh Chau
      Dec  23RD,  2013

      Yes, this offer is still applied for job board owners. 🙂

      • Jobs
        Dec  27TH,  2013

        Is this a fraud or what. Several hours after payment via paypal we still can’t download and you have not contacted us.

        • Anh Chau
          Dec  27TH,  2013

          Have you tried to drop us an email at contact@enginethemes.com or support@enginethemes yet? This offer is still valid and we have already provided the discount for several job board owners until now.

          Happy New Year 🙂

          • JH Jobs
            Dec  28TH,  2013

            Yes we have. Please respond to our emails and provide support. Thanks

  • Alvin
    Jan  25TH,  2014

    This is awesome! I have done some twitter en sent you an email. Cant wait to buy and get started!

    • Alvin
      Jan  26TH,  2014

      Please provide me your discount code, email sent yesterday! Thx!

  • Sean
    Jan  28TH,  2014

    Can I do this for a discount on the Classifieds theme?!

  • Andrew
    Feb  28TH,  2014

    The comment I have posted has gone. Don’t know why so post it again here.

    1) Is the promotion still on-going?
    2) I am currently using a jobboard theme from Themeforest, but find it difficult to use and so I would like to try out your good looking theme, am I eligible?
    3) If I buy together with another theme, can the discount also apply to the other theme?


    • Anh Chau
      Mar  01ST,  2014

      Hi Andrew, thanks for your interest in JobEngine. To answer your questions:

      1/ The promotion is still valid.
      2/ As long as you can give us more information on the purchased job board theme, you are eligible to request for a 70% discount code.
      3/ This promotion program only applies to JobEngine.

      Anh Chau

      • Andrew
        Mar  02ND,  2014

        Hi Anh,

        I’ve followed enginethemes, and sent the information you requested, awaiting for the discount code 🙂


  • noperh
    Mar  08TH,  2014

    Hi, this promotion can also be applied to classifiedengine since I work with another premium wordpress theme but does not do what I need and classifiedengine I feel great.

    • Anh Chau
      Mar  08TH,  2014

      Hi noperh, thank you for your interest in our theme. Unfortunately, we don’t provide this program for ClassifiedEngine. 🙂

  • vannaibell
    Mar  31ST,  2014

    Hello I want to buy it once. How much is it ?

  • Momo
    Apr  18TH,  2014

    Dear Anh,

    I am pretty interested in this theme and I would like to know:

    – What are the six major languages pre-installed ?
    – Can we use the theme on ONE domain or Unlimited domains ?
    – Do you offer updates for life or do we have to pay each year ?
    – What support do you offer and is it for life or for a year ?

    Really thanks in advance for your coming replies,

  • rajesh
    Jun  25TH,  2014

    is this promotion still valid?

    • Anh Chau
      Jun  25TH,  2014

      Sure Rajesh. It’s still valid. Please follow the instructions in the post.

  • Hiten Joshi
    Jul  13TH,  2014

    Is this offer still valid?

  • Florence Toney
    Apr  23RD,  2016

    I am thankful to the owner of this site who has shared this fantastic post here.

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