Big hello from QAEngine developers,

We are back and have got an interesting (but quite long also) story to tell you. You’re gonna have 2 new cool features – Question Pump and Poll which help you make money online from your question and answer website. And there are some bug fixes as well.

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[New feature] Pump to put questions on top of page

I am happy to introduce to you the key feature of this QAEngine version – Question Pump. Using this pump, user can get his question appear on top position of the site. As a result, pump question has a greater chance to be noticed and quickly answered by the community. 

There are two types of pump: free pump and premium pump. Every user on your site gets free pump by default, but has to pay for premium pump. Therefore, you can earn income by offering premium pump to your site users.

The key difference between free and premium pump lies in the time delay between 2 continuous pumps. Pumping a question for free, you have to wait for a longer time period to be able to pump again. Thus, premium pump is useful for those who want to stay competitive on site since premium one has much shorter time delay between 2 pumps compared to free pump.

How it works in back-end and front-end?
  • Back-end:

This version adds 2 brand new features into the theme, so it is required that you back up you database carefully before updating to new version.

After updating to version 2.0, go to Engine Settings → Pump Question → General and click on the blue button (see the below image) to install Pump feature into your Q&A site.

Set the time delay for free pump, premium pump and the time format.

QAEngine update 2.0 Question Pump settings in back-end

Test QAEngine back-end settings in demo.

  • Front-end:
    – Free pump:

QAEngine update 2.0 Free Pump in front-end

  • – Premium pump:

Click on the button “Buy more pump” to buy premium pump.

First, user would select the suitable plan.

QAEngine update 2.0 Select Premium Pump Package Plan

Next, select the payment method and make payment.

QAEngine update 2.0 Select Premium Pump payment method

And here’s how it looks after paying for premium pump:

QAEngine update 2.0 Premium Pump in front-end

Simply click on “Pump” in the question you want to make to top.

And yes, this new feature is translation supported.

[New feature] Poll to create a small survey for your question

Another new feature in this QAEngine version is that users now can create a poll besides traditional question type. With poll, user can quantify the answers to obtain numerical data for his question. This type of question is also less time consuming for those who answer the question, since it only requires some seconds clicking on the multiple choices. As a result, a poll would cause more people to respond.

How it works in back-end and front-end?
  • Back-end:

Go to Engine Settings → Poll → General.

QAEngine update 2.0 Poll settings in back-end

  • Front-end:

When user creates a question, there is another tab “Create a poll”. Choose this tab and ask a question.

QAEngine update 2.0 Create a Poll in front-end

Here is the poll after submitting:

QAEngine update 2.0 Poll in front-end

Now, users choose their answers, and this is what you see:

QAEngine update 2.0 Poll in front-end

This feature is also translation supported.

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[Bug fix]

Question deleted in Hot Question Widget

When a question which was also a hot question was deleted, it did not show up in page, but could still be seen in the list of hot questions. The bug is fixed now so a hot question is completely removed when you delete it.

Proper format for plain text in answer box

Before, when a user pasted a URL and continued to answer from the next line, the first letter of the answer was formatted as a link. This latest QAEngine version has solved this improper hyperlink bug so that the answer is formatted as a plain text.

Authority for the role Editor

Before, Editor did not get proper access to the WordPress site. We have fixed this bug so that your site’s Editor could get right permission on your site.

Read here to understand about Roles in WordPress (explained by official WP website).

Or you can read here to dive deeper into details.

Question tags no longer overlap each other

There sometimes could be super long tags added to the questions, causing tags to overlap each other on the sidebar. This bug is resolved now in this QAEngine version.

Pagination works properly in homepage

When you chose the pagination method for loading content in the homepage, the system could not load more when you clicked on page 2, page 3, etc. The bug is properly fixed now.

Video thumbnail added

Now users on your Q&A site can paste video links in their answers, and video thumbnails of these links would appear properly on site, letting people see a quick snapshot of the videos.

[New option] Limit for question title length

Too long question titles are a nightmare for your site. So we set up a new option in back-end that allows you to set up the length for a question title. The default and also the maximum length is 150 characters. You could set 150 or a small number but could not set higher than 150.

You could adjust this in back-end by going to Engine Settings → Settings → Content → Maximum length of title.

QAEngine update 2.0 Length of title settings

[Mobile] Can contact user now

The mobile version has this feature updated so you could quickly make contact with your favorite user on mobile.

QAEngine update 2.0 Contact user button on mobile version

New price from February 01, 2016

At EngineThemes, we aim to provide platform solutions to start your own online business. Heading to that direction, we’re working to turn QAEngine into a marketplace for knowledge sharing, with built-in monetization methods.

With this release, we also want to announce the pricing change of QAEngine to $89, similar to our other app themes, which will come into effect in this February.

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It’s long but it’s useful I hope. This new QAEngine version is expected to help you not only build a community on your site but also make money from it. Update your question and answer website to version 2.0, try it, and share with us your experience. Should you have any question while updating QAEngine version 2.0, please feel free to drop us a line at Our technical support staff will help you solve the concern.

Wanna Win $100 vouchers?

To celebrate the launch of QAEngine 2.0, we are excited to announce the QAEngine 2.0 Mini-Game. Simply answer a question about QAEngine and you can get a chance to win $100. What can be cooler than that? Enter now! here

  • Humber
    Jan  29TH,  2016


    I have QAEngine theme and i would like to disable the pump and poll features. Is it posible ¿?


    • an nguyen
      Feb  15TH,  2016


      It’s not a default option in the admin panel. However, you may edit the code to make it work as you want.

      If you have further questions, please feel free to contact us via


  • Frederick Thiele
    May  05TH,  2016

    How would I get the Contact feature to work? I want to be able to contact users by private messaging. It says message sent successfully but all I get in the email is: “New Private Message from”

  • Uyen Tran
    May  06TH,  2016

    Hello Frederick,

    Sorry to hear that. At our lab site, all work properly like this screenshot

    Kindly drop us an email to with your site URL and admin account. I will check your site carefully soon.

    All the best,

  • mayank
    Feb  11TH,  2017

    Dear Before buy your product I want to explore some more about your Qaenginethme .
    Can I define some different users , Some more field in User Profile PAge .
    Can I create About yourself a 200 Text input in profile of user once user choose an attribute ( new defined).

  • ThaoNguyen
    Feb  13TH,  2017

    Dear Mayanhk,

    Thank you for your interest. Your requirement is out of theme default and you have to consult a developer for customization. At that time QAE support ” About me” -users can input 350 words to describe themselves.
    Hope this helps.

    Best regards,

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