Create a Community-Driven Website with QAEngine WordPress Theme

QAEngine is a premium WordPress theme that is specifically designed to create question-and-answer websites, forums, and knowledge base websites. The theme provides an intuitive and user-friendly interface that makes it easy to set up and manage your community-driven website. With its built-in features, you can create an engaging platform where users can ask questions, share […]

5 Reasons to Use WPForms Lite Plugin with QAEngine

Why You Should Use WPForms Lite Plugin with QAEngine If you’re using QAEngine to create a question and answer website or forum, you may be wondering how you can improve the user experience and engagement on your site. One way to do this is by using the WPForms Lite plugin with QAEngine. WPForms Lite is […]

QAEngine v2.1 – Compatible with PHP 8

QAEngine v2.1

  • compatible with PHP 8.x (current version at the moment of this release is PHP 8.2.2)
  • upgrade old Google Sign-in approach to the new API version
  • fix payment with cash method for pump packages
  • multiple minor bug fixes

Update: QAEngine version 2.0.9

QAEngine - online knowledge wordpress theme

QAEngine v2.0.9 is updated with multiple bug fixes on both desktop & mobile. (more…)

Update: QAEngine version 2.0.8

QAEngine update

In QAEngine v2.0.8 is out with bug fixes on both desktop & mobile browser. (more…)

Update: QAEngine version 2.0.7

QAEngine update

In QAEngine v2.0.7 is updated with some UX improvements, better translation support, and bug fixes. (more…)

Update QAEngine version 2.0.6

QAEngine update

  • [Mobile] “Remember me” for login
  • Correct format when editing a bulleted or numbered list
  • Translation support for Poll form
  • reCAPTCHA verification once signing up


Update: QAEngine version 2.0.5

QAEngine updateFrom QAEngine v2.0.5, admin can turn off the Pump Question on Q&A site, multiple bugs are fixed as well (more…)

Update: QAEngine 2.0.3 – On/Off Poll

QAEngine update

Can turn off Poll on Q&A site

From QEngine version 2.0, Poll was available to help users conveniently ask questions and make small surveys out of it. In this version, another option for Poll is added in the Dashboard, so that you can choose whether to enable or disable Poll on your Q&A site. (more…)

Update: QAEngine version 2.0.2 – Infinite scroll

QAEngine version 2.0.2 has some bug fixes and Infinite Scroll to load contents automatically.

Users can change URL slug of Question search & it still works

Before, when users searched questions by keywords, the result page did not work if its URL slug was changed. The bug is fixed in this version, so the page still displays seamlessly even when you change its URL slug  in the back-end (Engine Settings → Settings → URL Slug).
QAEngine update 2.0.2 - Question search

Update: QAEngine version 2.0.1

In QAEngine version 2.0.1: Mobile and desktop display is improved, questions can be properly added from back-end.  

[Mobile] Uniform display order of sub-categories in both back-end and front-end

When subcategories were added in back-end (Questions → Category), their display order in front-end did not remain the same. We have fixed this now so the order of subcategories in front-end should be the same as in back-end.

Unnecessary page templates removed

When you create a new page in Pages → Add new, there’s a “Template” section in the right corner for you to choose an appropriate page template. Since the available templates are quite many, some of which are quite rarely used. Thus, we have removed some unnecessary page template to avoid confusion. (more…)

QAEngine 2.0 release & New price from February, 2016

Big hello from QAEngine developers,

We are back and have got an interesting (but quite long also) story to tell you. You’re gonna have 2 new cool features – Question Pump and Poll which help you make money online from your question and answer website. And there are some bug fixes as well.

Try QAEngine Buy now (more…)

Update: QAEngine version 1.6 – SEO support & mobile optimization

Hi guys,

This QAEngine version includes new feature development, greater compatibility and email template integration to better support SEO and create smoother user flow, especially on mobile version & on Firefox.

SEO support with Schema Markup and Yoast SEO Plugin

QAEngine update

This latest QAEngine version is expected to significantly boost SEO since Schema Markup is added for question item, blog, question detail, blog detail, user profile, user item web pages. (more…)

Update: QAEngine version 1.5.6 with major upgrades on mobile

This week welcomes the new version of QAEngine v1.5.6 – our complete question and answer WordPress theme – with many improvements in both display and function. Especially, there are multiple updates for mobile version making the site even more responsive on this device. Major upgrades tailored for mobile version User on mobile can log in […]

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