Sneak Peek: MjE Claim - A Powerful Extension Verifying Seller Services

MjE Job Verification – the third extension for MicrojobEngine is about to roll out. As planned in MicrojobEngine Roadmap, MjE Job Verification, together with MjE Bookmark, will be released next week. We’re so excited and can’t wait to introduce these new stuffs to you.


What is MjE Job Verification?

Job Verification is the action done by sellers to prove that the services they are offering are of high quality and reliable. mJobs with the verified label are more likely to build trust for the buyers. Imagine a buyer searches for logo design service, among 20 mjobs, the buyer will tend to click on the verified ones. As a result, sellers with verified mjobs will get more orders, higher revenue.

Sneak Peek: MjE Claim - A Powerful Extension Verifying Seller Services


Job Verification requirements

To be able to claim a mjob, the sellers have to satisfy requirements set by site admin. These requirements include: having successfully finished a specific number of orders, that mjob is active, etc. Under mjobs that meet such conditions, a “Claimable” icon will appear for the seller to claim. A verified mjob will have a verified icon to differentiate from other mjobs.

The sellers have to pay a fee for each claim. This fee amount can be set up by admin in the back-end. Site admin has the right to approve or decline any claim.

MjE Job Verification is a powerful tool that helps your sellers increase reputation with verified mjobs and earns you more income. Stay tuned for more details about how MjE Job Verification benefits and runs on your marketplace.


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