Together with the new extensions, we’re happy to introduce two new updates: FreelanceEngine version 1.3.4 and DirectoryEngine version 1.8.2. The updates include some small implementations and bugs fixes, which help you to remove the issues and welcome a bright new year.

FreelanceEngine version 1.3.4

Number format setting

A new section is implemented in the number format setting. You now can decide the number of decimal points beside setting up the decimal and thousand separators for currency.

number format-FreelanceEnigne

Remember the chosen project plan

From now on, the system will remember the chosen plan. If the employer has an active plan, when he posts a new project, his current plan will be applied. As a result, it will save a lot of time, the employer don’t have to go through the posting project all over again.

Sort users in back-end

Admin can sort users in the back-end by registration date. It will somehow help you to due with spam registration, you can sort them, select them and delete in bulk.

sort users-FreelanceEngine

Show message in bid list

The project page now shows the message from the freelancers. As a result, admins can quickly obtain the information sent to them.

Moreover, a new notification is implemented, if the search fails to come up with an entry, there’ll be a message informing them about it.

no results notice-FreelanceEngine

Attachment on mobile

With the latest version, when users send messages to each other in the workspace, they can attach files using their mobile.

 Bugs fixes

  • The Escrow system now officially available on mobile.
  • Fix “Edit” issue: Users now can remove the new added skill in the submit project page.
  • Also, after adding a new skill, it’ll be saved in the profile.
  • The “Finish” and “Close” button won’t overlap anymore.
  • The Yoast SEO feature works fine now, the freelancers profiles will be indexed.

DirectoryEngine version 1.8.2

This version includes some bugs fixes to help you enhance the site performance.

  • Bugs on mobile version:

– The search function works fine now.
– The rating now appear beautifully on the site.
– The infinity scroll also works well. In the previous version, when you refresh the page, this feature is unusable.
– The “Notice: undefined property” notification won’t appear in the “Review page” anymore.

  • You won’t meet any trouble while logging in using your Google plus account anymore.
  • “Search by budget” feature displays the right result now.
  • Fix “Visual composer” feature: the elements are now displayed fine.
  • Fix “Paging” feature in place listing page.
  • Fix “Database” issue: the content on mobile and desktop is now similar.

Also, other products are updated to the latest versions: ClassifiedEngine, AE CustomFields, CE AdMap.


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