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In this post, we would like to bring to you the latest version of ClassifiedEngine theme 2.5. Besides some bug fixes, the highlight of this update is the integration of extension CE Ad Map extension into the main theme, boosting the power of CE theme compared to other classified listing WordPress themes.

Power up your classified listing theme for website with the integration of CE Ad Map extension

classifiedengine update 1

The good news is that now CE Ad Map is no longer an extension but readily integrated into ClassifiedEngine theme, increasing the power of directory search of the theme.

CE Ad Map is an extension serving as a location guide for instant search. With this map extension, you can conveniently search for available sellers of whichever product categories in wherever you may wish.

Now that CE Ad Map is ready to use with the theme, not only is more money saved but also add  more features are available for the site. ClassifiedEngine theme users can easily search for the seller’ address and quickly determine the exact location.

Incorrect price record

In the last version, when users add price of a new ad in Dashboard (Ads/Add new), the system does not record the price value but display the product as Free instead.

classifiedengine update 2Thus, in this version, this bug is fixed, showing the correct price of each ad. Sellers are no longer worried that their products are displayed as free gifts to buyers.

Proper display of WooCommerce widgets on sidebar

Previously, in Dashboard (Appearance/ Widgets) section, there are WooCommerce widgets for you to choose for display on the sidebars of the site. However, the chosen widgets did not appear in the front-end.

In version 2.5, these WooCommerce widgets are well-displayed in the front-end of your classified listing wordpress theme website.

Inaccurate geolocation determination

In the last version, users typed the address A for example, and the location of place A was shown on the map. However, when the address was changed to B, the map did  not navigate but stuck to location A.

In this latest version, the map works more seamlessly when being able to show the correct location requested.

Photo upload on mobile version

Previously, after uploading photos on mobile version, sellers submitted the contents but received the reminder “You have to upload at least 1 photo”.

In ClassifiedEngine version 2.5, sellers can successfully upload photos for their ads using mobile version.

Password reset error

Before, users who forget password receive an email with link to reset password. To reset, they typed the new password, then typed it again to confirm the new one. However, the issues arises when users typed password 2 times correctly but got the announcement of “Invalid key”.

We have fixed this bug properly in this version so that ClassifiedEngine users can reset password successfully.

These are all improvements in our new released ClassifiedEngine version. We hope these bug fixes together with the integration of CE Ad Map into the theme would benefit and power up your classified directory theme. If you have any issues while updating ClassifiedEngine version 2.5, please feel free to contact us via email support@enginethemes.com. Our technical support staff would assist you with the issue.

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  • George Kokkinakis
    Nov  23RD,  2015

    Dear all,

    After updating the theme to version 2.5 in localhost, I am getting the following error:

    Fatal error: Cannot redeclare class AdMap_Widget in C:\xampp\htdocs\scoop2\wordpress\wp-content\themes\classifiedengine\includes\map\widget.php on line 192

    Could you please help me solve the issue?

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