Update: ClassifiedEngine 2.6.11

classifiedengine - wordpress classified theme

ClassifiedEngine version 2.6.11 is updated with bug fixes on mobile, and other minor ones.

Bug fixes

  • Ad price can now be edited, updated in back-end even when WooCommerce is turned off.
  • [Mobile] If no specific value is set for maximum number of ad categories, sellers can choose as many categories for an ad as they wish, like in desktop version.
  • No more undefined bug when users hit the Resend button of email confirmation.
  • URL of CE Locations widget is no longer double.
  • [Mobile] Correct redirection to the ads detail page when users successfully posted an Ads.
  • [Mobile] Now when users click on an Ads, the page loads the correct detail page of that Ads.


Update: ClassifiedEngine version 2.6.10


ClassifiedEngine version 2.6.10 is updated with Google Maps API Key improvement and bug fixes. (more…)

Update: ClassifiedEngine version 2.6.9


ClassifiedEngine version 2.6.9 is released with UX & UI improvements. Other  bug fixes on mobile are fixed as well. (more…)

Update: ClassifiedEngine version 2.6.8


ClassifiedEngine version 2.6.8 is released with UX improvement on mobile, bug fixes in the text notification display, login workflow, and images. (more…)

Update: ClassifiedEngine 2.6.6, CE Custom Fields 2.3.3


CE Custom Fields version 2.3.3 is updated, multiple bugs are fixed from ClassifiedEngine version 2.6.6 (more…)

Update: ClassifiedEngine 2.6.4

Translation guide for CE Custom Fields in WPML

Here is the instruction on how to translate CE Custom Fields in WPML on ClassifiedEngine website.

Ad price is now optional

When you post an ad, the price field is no longer a required value. (more…)

Update: ClassifiedEngine 2.6.3, CE Custom Fields 2.3.2, & CE Shop 1.3

ClassifiedEngine 2.6.3 with important features on mobile; CE Custom Fields 2.3.2 & CE Shop 1.3.

ClassifiedEngine 2.6.3

[Mobile] Profile page is now available:

The good news is that seller’s profile page is now available on mobile version.

In profile page, a user can edit info, update password. Also, there are different tabs to help users manage sales: product listing, favorite ads, sales order, purchase order, transaction history. (more…)

Update: ClassifiedEngine 2.6.2 & CE Coupon 1.3.1

Happy holiday our beloved customers,

How’s your holiday? Are you ready for a great new year? Today, we would like to upgrade your classified ads website to the new version 2.6.2 for the new year to come. In this update, instead of using modal, there is a page for account sign up or log in; other bugs in the email system, profile settings, and infinite scroll are properly fixed. Moreover, CE Coupon is updated to version 1.3.1 so the extension now works well on mobile.

ClassifiedEngine 2.6.2

Registration page on desktop & login page on mobile

On the desktop, the register modal is replaced with a separate page with the hope that users would have a better experience on your classified listing theme. (more…)

Update: ClassifiedEngine version 2.6.1 allows users to report ads

Hi guys,

Hope you have a nice week. We have just updated ClassifiedEngine to version 2.6.1. The news is brief with one new feature and two bug fixes.

[New feature] “Report Ad” button, ensuring quality ads

There are a lot of ads posted every day on your site, so it would definitely take time for you to deeply check each ad, which runs the risk of having many fake ads on your classified listing website and affects your site’s credibility.

Hence, in this version, new “Report Ad” button is available which is expected to increase the control of your website and better build customer trust.

When an ad is reported, admin will receive an email about this. (more…)

Update: ClassifiedEngine version 2.6 & AE Custom Fields version 1.2.1

Hi guys,

Wish you had a blasting holiday with your family! We had fun with the festivities too, and now we can’t be more eager getting back to work.

This week welcomes the latest update of ClassifiedEngine version 2.6 and AE Custom Fields version 1.2.1. In this CE release, the map display is improved, “Add to cart” & location link are updated, Adroll & ad categories have better rendering on mobile version. On the other hand, new AE Custom Fields update has the datepicker field type function appropriately.   (more…)

Update ClassifiedEngine version 2.5: CE Ad Map extension integrated into the theme

Hi guys,

In this post, we would like to bring to you the latest version of ClassifiedEngine theme 2.5. Besides some bug fixes, the highlight of this update is the integration of extension CE Ad Map extension into the main theme, boosting the power of CE theme compared to other classified listing WordPress themes.

Power up your classified listing theme for website with the integration of CE Ad Map extension

classifiedengine update 1 (more…)

Extensions removed: AE PayPal Digital Goods, CE PayPal Express, JE PayPal Express

We’d like to give you a quick announcement about the removal from our sale page of 3 following extensions: AE PayPal Digital Goods, CE PayPal Express, JE PayPal Express.

extensions removed (more…)