Hi guys,

Hope you have a nice week. We have just updated ClassifiedEngine to version 2.6.1. The news is brief with one new feature and two bug fixes.

[New feature] “Report Ad” button, ensuring quality ads

There are a lot of ads posted every day on your site, so it would definitely take time for you to deeply check each ad, which runs the risk of having many fake ads on your classified listing website and affects your site’s credibility.

Hence, in this version, new “Report Ad” button is available which is expected to increase the control of your website and better build customer trust.

When an ad is reported, admin will receive an email about this.

*Note: User has to log in to be able to see this button. Thus, when checking this feature in demo, you have to choose to view as a Seller, not as a Guest.

This is how it looks on desktop version:

classifiedengine update 2.6.1

And here is the mobile one:

classifiedengine update 2.6.1 (2)

[Bug fix] Auto-filled email address when logging with social account

When user logged in your listing directory website via social network account for the first time, he had to manually type in the email address. To give more comfort to the user, email address is auto filled in this new version.

For example with Facebook account:

classifiedengine update 2.6.1 (3)

[Bug fix] “Read more” button in Blog section works properly

Before, in Blog section of your classified WordPress theme, “Read more” button in each article did not work properly. In this version, this bug is fixed and more details show up when users click on “Read more” button.

I hope you’re all clear about the updates in this version. If you have any concern updating ClassifiedEngine version 2.6.1, please feel free to drop us a line at support@enginethemes.com. Our customer service team are happy to help you with the issue.

Have a great week!


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