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Wish you had a blasting holiday with your family! We had fun with the festivities too, and now we can’t be more eager getting back to work.

This week welcomes the latest update of ClassifiedEngine version 2.6 and AE Custom Fields version 1.2.1. In this CE release, the map display is improved, “Add to cart” & location link are updated, Adroll & ad categories have better rendering on mobile version. On the other hand, new AE Custom Fields update has the datepicker field type function appropriately.  

ClassifiedEngine version 2.6

Seamless map display in your classified WordPress theme:

In the previous version, the street details in map did not show up as can be seen in the below picture:

classifiedengine update

The bug is fixed now so that users can view the map in details.

classifiedengine update 2

Link in location search updated:

When users were in homepage and chose a specific location to see available ads in that place, then navigated back to homepage but their page details were still in that location.

In ClassifiedEngine version 2.6, the location users choose at first follows them along their shopping journey, but the link is updated with location name so that users know they’re still in a specific location. To turn back to homepage, choose All locations.

Add to cart auto update:

When adding an item to cart, the number of items in little basket was not automatically updated but required page refreshing.

This issue is improved now. Users can rest assured all products they add to basket are correctly counted.

[Mobile] Proper text display in Adroll:

In this latest version, some texts in Adroll are repositioned, giving a better display for your classified listing theme.


classifiedengine update 3


classifiedengine update 4

[Mobile] Correct number of categories when posting an ad:

Before, although admin set 2 as the maximum number of categories chosen when author posted an ad, the author could only choose 1 category for his ad.

The bug is fixed in this update. Author can add categories for the ad up to the maximum number set in the back-end.

AE Custom Fields version 1.2.1

Datepicker field type works seamlessly:

When admin sets up Custom Fields in back-end (Dashboard → Engine Settings → Custom Fields →  Meta Fields), datepicker is chosen for Field type section (see image below):

ae custom fields update

In the front-end, when author submitted or edited a place, the datepicker function did not work, and a textbox was shown instead, like this:

ae custom fields update 2

In this version, a calendar shows up when choosing datepicker in field type.

ae custom fields update 3
This sums up all improvements in new versions of ClassifiedEngine and AE Custom Fields. With these bug fixes, we hope to better assist you in powering up your listing directory theme. If you have any issues while updating ClassifiedEngine version 2.6, and AE Custom Fields version 1.2.1, please feel free to contact us via email support@enginethemes.com. Our technical support staff would assist you with the issues.


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