In DirectoryEngine 2.1, new email template is added, VC blocks are improved, the theme is better compatible with WPML, and rich snippets for SEO work properly.

New email template for New event

A new email is added to the email templates. When there’s a new event submitted on site, this email is sent to admin to review that event. Email template in back-end (Engine Settings → Settings → Mailing).

directoryengine update 2.1 - new event mail template

DE Place VC block – Places can be randomly displayed

The widget Place in homepage now has a new way of display. In addition to Latest and, you can choose “Random” to have places shown up randomly in homepage each time users go to your site.

To make this setting in back-end, go to Pages → Home. Choose DE Place Settings and edit it with Visual Composer. At Order, Choose “Random”. Save changes and Update the change.

directoryengine update 2.1 - Random display

Since places appear randomly, “Load more” button is then replaced by “Refresh”.

directoryengine update 2.1 - Random display in front-end

Areas VC block – Choose featured areas by Location ID

From DirectoryEngine version 2.0.1, a new block was made available in homepage – Areas, which is used as a collection of all places in a specific area. Now, you can set featured areas you want to appear in homepage by their location ID.

You can edit it in back-end: Pages → Home. Choose DE Areas, insert Location ID.

directoryengine update 2.1 - location ID


directoryengine update 2.1 - location in front-end

Place editing – Information tab runs smoothly

In previous version, when users edited a place from front-end, there were 3 tabs: Information, Header, and Gallery. However, once progressing to Header and Gallery, Information tab could not be open for editing. This bug is fixed now.

WPML Multi language – Proper hover color setup for categories

In this version, when using plugin WPML, users can set up colors for categories in back-end (Engine Settings → Settings → Content) and be sure that the colors are well displayed in front-end.

Rich snippets – Better SEO support

The bug in rich snippets is properly fixed in this version so your DirectoryEngine site has better SEO support.

Sync profile picture from Facebook account

When users log in by Facebook account, their profile picture on DirectoryEngine is auto-synced with the one on Facebook.

If you have issues updating DirectoryEngine version 2.1, feel free to contact us at  

  • Saporiedissapori
    Mar  23RD,  2016

    there are some troubles with the updates:
    – the “Nearby” button on the mobile version just doesn’t works any more. It doesn’t list place by distance, but by chronological order
    – the Safari bug with the header is better, but still present.
    The “Nearby” problem is really urgent to restore as it worked with the previous version, I will otherwise have big problems with my clients. Could you please solve this problem very quickly?

    • My Dang
      Mar  25TH,  2016

      Please kindly check your email inbox for our response. Thank you!


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