Hi guys,

This week, EngineThemes would like to release the latest ForumEngine version 1.6.5. This version focuses on fixing bugs including site display, security and content submission.

Header menu duplication

In the previous version, the menu on the header of the site is duplicated, like this:

forumengine update 1

There are two Ideas column showing at the same time, causing confusion. Therefore, in ForumEngine theme version 1.6.5, this issue is fixed, giving a relevant menu display.

forumengine update 2

Enter email to reset password

Before, when the user clicks on “Forgot your password”, a form “Enter your username or email” appears. However, when the username is entered, the form raises the error “Please enter a valid email address”.

To help users easily reset the password, the username is not used when claiming the password. Instead, only email is required with the popup “Type your email and we’ll send you a link to retrieve it” (see image below).

forumengine update 3

Improper hyperlink insertion

Before, when a user writes a URL in comment box, the system converts this in a clickable link. However, the first letter of the following word is also formatted as a link, like the first letter “H” in the image below:

forumengine update 4

This latest ForumEngine version has solved this improper hyperlink bug so that the letter “H” in the above image is formatted as a plain text.

forumengine update 4

Thread viewing without login

In the back-end has the setting which allows admin to choose specific categories user can view without login.

For instance, in the image below, Customizing is chosen, which means users can view threads in this category with no need to log in.

forumengine update 6

However, there is a login bug when a category has small categories in it. For example, thread in category A can be viewed without account login. B is a subcategory of A.

For threads in category A, users can read without login. Thus, for subcategory B belonging to A, users should be able to view without login too. However, users have to login to view thread in B.

In this version, that issue has been fixed. Now non-logged in users can see thread in category B without login.

With these new improvements, we hope ForumEngine version 1.6.5  would better cater for your demand. If you have any question while updating ForumEngine version 1.6.5, you can send email to support@enginethemes.com. Our technical support staff will help you solve the concern.

  • Jason
    Nov  17TH,  2015


    Great to hear that you have provided this update – just hoping that these menus are now showing when you view the website on a mobile device. I haven’t been able to use this theme because of that problem and so for me it has been a waste of money.


  • Tom Herbert
    May  24TH,  2017

    I am purchased this theme and use it for my site http://www.statwagering.com and it has been extremely buggy for my users….saying things like, ‘when i hit ‘post’ new thread or a reply, the site just lags and next posts.

    Is there any support or knowledgebase available??


    • Thao Le
      May  24TH,  2017

      Hi Tom,

      Regarding your question, you should send us a ticket by choosing Technical Problems section at https://www.enginethemes.com/help/. Our TS will help you resolve the problem.

      Thank you.

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