Update: ForumEngine version 1.6.9


Bug fixes

  • Maximum image upload size increases from 1MB to 5MB.
  • Performance issue with posted threads containing a bulleted or numbered list is solved.
  • After posting a thread, the moderator can be able to reply and delete this thread as usual.
  • Bug of text in “Insert” button after uploading the first image has been fixed now. Particularly, “Uploading” is correctly replaced by “Insert” as of the second image.


Quick update: ForumEngine version 1.6.7

Just a quick update for version 1.6.7. Users are now able to add photos to the threads from mobile. And other technical bug fixes.  For further support, please contact support@enginethemes.com.

Update: ForumEngine version 1.6.6

ForumEngine latest version 1.6.6 has bug fixes and improvement in social login, mobile version, display and function.

Social login, profile picture update by Facebook, Twitter, Google Plus accounts

  • Facebook:

When users log in with Facebook account, the system will automatically take users’ profile picture on Facebook as their profile picture on ForumEngine.

  • Google Plus:

The social login via Google Plus account is now properly fixed and works well for all users.

  • Twitter:

For already registered users using Twitter accounts, they had to retype username and password every time logging in. This bug is fixed in this version. (more…)

Update: ForumEngine version 1.6.5 with important bug fixes in display and function

Hi guys, This week, EngineThemes would like to release the latest ForumEngine version 1.6.5. This version focuses on fixing bugs including site display, security and content submission. Header menu duplication In the previous version, the menu on the header of the site is duplicated, like this: There are two Ideas column showing at the same […]