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Remember Private Message – our FreelanceEngine private message extension? It encourages communication between employers and bidders before accepting the bid and getting down to the real project. After the first release, now we would upgrade the extension to version 1.1 with two following improvements.

Proper display of the new message number – better control of unread messages:

In the first release, when there are new messages, there would be a light green circle notifying the number of new messages. However, this number was not calculated accurately. In this version, this number is improved to display the exact number of unread messages so that employers and freelancers can easily manage their inbox.

Send message after archiving conversation – save time searching for archived conversation:

In the previous version, when both employer and freelancer archive a specific conversation, that conversation would disappear from the conversation listing page. After that, when employer wants to resend message to freelancer, employer could not find the conversation between them because it no longer exists in the listing page.

In Private Message version 1.1, employer can resend message to freelancer after archiving the conversation. To do this, employer goes to Project detail page and chooses the appropriate project, then clicks on the blue Message button with that employer, conversation then shows up again with all previous messages.

Above are two upgrades for Private Message extension version 1.1. We hope Private Message would be a helpful support tool for you when using our FreelanceEngine WordPress theme. If you have any question while updating Private Message version 1.1, you can send email to support@enginethemes.com. Our technical support staff will help you solve the concern.

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  • jamii
    Mar  06TH,  2016

    cool. I wonder if its possible to have a send message icon displayed on d side of a freelancer on the page where employers search for freelancer.

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