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How have you been? EngineThemes would like to introduce to you the latest version of FreelanceEngine v1.6.4. This update brings some freshness to the theme, allowing you to advance further your site’s performance. These updates include cool Private Message extension, Workspace UI and some other improvements.

New extension: Private Message v1.0 works seamlessly with FreelanceEngine v1.6.4

We are excited to share with you the arrival of our brand new extension – Private Message. After considering a significant number of suggestions from our beloved customers, we finally decided to invest in this function.
FreelanceEngine update 1

As its name says, Private Message is a new extension that provides a private space for employer and bidder to contact with each other before accepting the bid. Everything happens for a reason, and so does Private Message. This amazing extension triggers communication between employer and freelancer who bids on the project before the bid is accepted. As a result, both parties could get to understand each other better; thus, increasing chance of hiring the most suitable freelancer for employers. This is very important since only when selecting the right freelancer can project’s effectiveness be increased, money and time be saved.

To explore more details please see New FreelanceEngine Private Message extension – Employer will love it


  • Freelancers used to buy credit to be able for project bidding. Now freelancers are allowed to have some free biddings before buying credit to bid (The number of free bidding is up to admin setting).
  • When user enters profile page but has not logged in, the system would automatically redirect user to the log-in page. After logging in, the user would be automatically redirected back to the profile page.
  • Workspace UI: In this update, the User Interface of Workspace is redesigned  to be in line with Private Message’s style.

Workspace UI before ver 1.6.4:

FreelanceEngine update 2

Workspace UI after ver 1.6.4:

FreelanceEngine update 3

As you can see, the New FreelanceEngine version v1.6.4 display is livelier with more colors and information, triggering the working flow inspiration.
This also sums up all bright news of our latest FreelanceEngine version. If you have any question while updating FreelanceEngine version 1.6.4, you can send an email to support@enginethemes.com. Our technical support staff will help you solve the concern.


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