This week welcomes the newest release JobEngine version with 3 core updates: JE PayPal Express removal, WPML bug fixes, and map translation improvement.

JE PayPal Express extension removed from product list

jobengine update 1

As announced in previous blog post, PayPal has closed Express Checkout API; thus, JE PayPal Express plugin is no longer available for new integrations.

For old accounts that already have Express Checkout Digital Goods enabled, this feature remains available and our team still support current customers.

Bugs with WPML plugin fixed

We have received many feedbacks about the improper integration between WPML and JobEngine theme. Therefore, all WPML-related bugs are fixed in JobEngine version so that users can smoothly utilize WPML features.

Translation on map improved

In the last JobEngine version, there are some texts in map section that cannot be translated, like this:

jobengine update 2

Now this translating issue is fixed. You can see the corresponding language appearing on these sections:

jobengine update 3

This sums up all improvements in our latest JobEngine version. We hope to hear more from you to further optimize our job board theme. If you have any issues while updating JobEngine version, please do not hesitate to drop us a line at Our technical support staff would help you with the concern.



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