Unleash the Power of JobEngine: Transform Your WordPress Site into a Dynamic Job Board

JobEngine is a powerful WordPress theme that enables you to create a professional job board website. With its comprehensive features and user-friendly interface, JobEngine makes it easy for employers to post job listings and for job seekers to find and apply for their dream jobs. In this guide, we will walk you through the process […]

JobEngine – The Ultimate WordPress Theme for Job Listings Websites

Are you looking to create a professional job listing website? Look no further than JobEngine – the ultimate WordPress theme for job listings websites. Designed specifically for job boards, JobEngine comes packed with features to help you create a powerful and functional job listings website. Here are just a few of the features you can […]

JobEngine v2.10.1 – Compatible with PHP 8

    JobEngine v2.10.1

    • compatible with PHP 8.x (current version at the moment of this release is PHP 8.2.2)
    • upgrade old Google Maps API approach to the new API version
    • fix tinyMce compatibility issue
    • update jQuery to latest version
    • multiple minor bug fixes

    Extension Updates

    • JE extensions are now compatible with PHP 8, just like the core theme
    • JE Job Map v1.5: using the new Google Maps API to show active jobs on the map
    • JE Custom Fields v2.4
    • JE Job Alert v2.3
    • JE Jobroll v1.2.2

    Update: JobEngine version


    In the JobEngine version, admin can enter their API Key for Google Maps. Other bug fixes in the job detail, create a resume, and resume pages are fixed as well. (more…)

    Update: JobEngine version


    In JobEngine version, JE Jobroll is compatible with WordPress 4.5, bugs in ET Slider plugin, Create Resume page are properly fixed (more…)

    Update: JobEngine version

    JobEngine version fixes bugs in Page Generator, author display and Custom Fields compatibility with WPML.

    JobEngine update

    Automatic Page Generator runs seamlessly

    Now you can enable Page Generator in back-end (Engine Settings → Settings → General) and it will automatically create new pages in front-end.

    JobEngine update - Automatic Page Generator (more…)

    Update: JobEngine version removes JE PayPal Express extension

    This week welcomes the newest release JobEngine version with 3 core updates: JE PayPal Express removal, WPML bug fixes, and map translation improvement.

    JE PayPal Express extension removed from product list

    jobengine update 1 (more…)

    Extensions removed: AE PayPal Digital Goods, CE PayPal Express, JE PayPal Express

    We’d like to give you a quick announcement about the removal from our sale page of 3 following extensions: AE PayPal Digital Goods, CE PayPal Express, JE PayPal Express.

    extensions removed (more…)

    Update: JobEngine version compatible with WordPress 4.3 and Visual Composer 4.7.4

    Compatible with WordPress 4.3 and Visual Composer 4.7.4

    Highly customizable theme & better interactive page builder:

    jobengine update (more…)