QAEngine version 2.0.2 has some bug fixes and Infinite Scroll to load contents automatically.

Users can change URL slug of Question search & it still works

Before, when users searched questions by keywords, the result page did not work if its URL slug was changed. The bug is fixed in this version, so the page still displays seamlessly even when you change its URL slug  in the back-end (Engine Settings → Settings → URL Slug).
QAEngine update 2.0.2 - Question search

Question owner can answer his question

Previous, an author had to reach a specific level to be able to answer his own question. However, from version 2.0.2, an author can reply to his own question whenever he wants.

Correct unanswered question filter

This question filter in homepage now functions properly. Only unanswered questions appear in Unanswer tab.

Login from Windows Phone 8

QAEngine can be logged in from Windows Phone 8 from this version.

Infinite scroll

In addition to Pagination, Infinite scroll is added. To enable Infinite scroll, go to Engine Settings → Settings → Content.

QAEngine update 2.0.2 - Infinite scroll

If disabled, the pagination is used by default.

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